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​​​​​​​​​​​​We welcome you and invite you to visit our great division with rich offerings in the areas of Mathematics, Science and affiliated programs.  Our division includes mathematics courses from Basic Skills​ to Differential Equations.  The Science Departments offer not only transfer courses such as Cell Biology,  General Chemistry, and Calculus-Based Physics,  but also many General Education courses for the non-science major including Astronomy, Oceanography, and Physical Science.   Take a look at the links to our Departments listed below to see the full range of courses we offer.




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Division Faculty and Staff   

The Mathematics Program

Provides a comprehensive program ranging from developmental mathematics to advanced math suitable for an Associate Degree or Certificate, and for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.

The Science Program  

 The division offers well-equipped laboratories that allow our students to obtain hands-on experience in their respective disciplines. 

The Engineering Program  

The engineering program provides a complete lower division curriculum in engineering and allows students to obtain an AA/AS degree and transfer to any university to obtain a bachelor's degree in any field of engineering. The surveying program offers vocational opportunities to graduates. ​

Evergreen Valley College's Engineering program is one of the oldest and most respected programs in the Bay Area.

The Math & Science Resource Center

The Mathematics and Science Resource Center is available to our students to obtain additional help in any science and math subject. It is located in Acacia AD-141.

Our division embraces diversity and provides numerous resources to help students. Please do not hesitate to call upon me with any question you may have. Your comments and suggestions are most appreciated.

The Math, Science & Engineering Division office is in the Acacia building, room AE131, where Dean Michael Highers and Vera Nazarov, the senior division administrative assistant, are available to help you. We invite you to stop in or call us at (408) 270-6490.

Michael Highers,
Division of Math, Science & Engineering

Evergreen Valley College​



The construction for the new chemistry, physics, and math building has begun with the groundbreaking on October 30 2014. 

South Campus Building

Jan. 29, 2015

 February 24, 2015


 August 11, 2015 

Contact Info:

Michael Highers​ 
Dean of Math, Science & Engineeering

Vera Nazarov
Sr.  Division Administrative Assistant

(408) 270-6490
Acacia Building, Room AE131 


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