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EVC Substantive Change Proposal​ (01/26/16)​

Dear EVC Community,

​Accreditation is a voluntary system of self-regulation developed to evaluate overall educational quality and institutional effectiveness. The Accrediting Commission for Colleges and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), part of Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), accreditation process provides assurance to the public that the accredited member colleges meet the Standards; the education earned at the institutions is of value to the student who earned it; and employers, profession-related licensing agencies, and other colleges and universities can accept a student's credential as legitimate.

On July 29, 2015, the president received notice from ACCCJC removing the probation status issued in July 2014. The college is currently fully reaffirmed and accredited.

Every six years colleges voluntarily complete the ACCJC self-study process. In preparation for its scheduled visit in fall 2016, in fall 2014, EVC began its new cycle of self-evaluation by comparing the college's performance against ACCJC standards:

  1. Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
  2. Student Leaning Programs and Services
  3. Resources
  4. Leadership and Governance​

The college looks for where it meets or exceeds expectations; where it is deficient, plans are made for improvement. Following completion of the written self-study, visiting teams of peers from throughout the region visit each school looking for evidence the college is not just "talking the talk" but is indeed "walking the walk."

Throughout​​ the entire process, the EVC community learns valuable insights to assist in achieving our mission:

With equity, opportunity and social justice as our guiding principles, Evergreen Valley College's mission is to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsi​​ble global citizens.

The EVC Accreditation Website was created to provide information about processes concerning accreditation. Every effort has been made to include all information pertinent to the overall accreditation cycle.

Yours truly,

Keith, Lynette, and Lisa

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