​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​Astronomy​​​

​Montgomery Hill Observatory


View toward Montgomery Hill

 Course Descriptions

May 6 Astronomy Talk


Chris McKay of NASA AMES will speak on the search for a second genesis of life in our solar system on May 6 at the EVC VPA Theater at 7 PM.

Sunspots - February 11

Photo by Rick Franscisco

New Telescopes for the Observatory

Rick Franscisco with a new 10-inch Dobsonian Reflector

Dr. Natalie Batalha Talk on Finding Goldilocks Planets


Dr. Batlaha with Students after the talk

Graphic of newly discovered planets

Supermoon Eclipse Photos​


 Looking for sunspots with Olenka Hubickyj.


 Hoping the clouds will disappear before moonrise.


Astronomy instructors (from left) Olenka Hubickyj and Nargis Adham with President Yong.  The telescope is the 14-inch reflector



Celso Batalha x6570 



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