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Communicatio​n Studies AA Degree for Transfer - AA-T

Evergreen Valley College offers a Communication Studies Certificate to students who successfully complete nine or more units of communication studies course work. This certificate will inform future employers, college admissions offices, graduate schools, and professional institutions that you have received specialized training in speech communication skills.​

The importance of the skills acquired through studying and practicing interpersonal, small group, and intra-cultural communication, argument, public speaking and listening training for personal and professional success cannot be overemphasized. Your communication Studies Certificate will not only enhance your chance of being selected for the job or position that you desire, but may also open other personal and professional doors.​​

Communication Studies Faculty:

Karen Rowe

​Karen C. Rowe​

Phone number: ​


Karen C. Rowe has taught Communication Studies for over 25 years throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Formerly, an east coast journalist and a public relations executive, she joined the Evergreen Valley College faculty in 1992.

She teaches CS10 (Interpersonal Communication), CS18 (Introduction to Communication Studies), CS 20 (Oral Communication) and CS 35 (Interpersonal Communication.) She has served on several EVC committees, was a founding faculty advisor for the former LGBTQ student club, and currently serves on the SJECCD Diversity Task Force.​

Ms. Rowe is active in the Yoga community of Santa Cruz, where she resides. She writes under the tutelage of author Laura Davis, practices mindful meditation, and studies comparative religion. 

John Carrion

John Carrion​​

Phone number: ​408-274-7900 x6613


John Carrion – General Education, Diablo Valley Community College, B.A. Speech Communications, Long Beach State University. M.A. Speech and Communications, San Francisco State University.

Area of Expertise: All communication courses.​

Professor Carrion comes to the Communication Program with over 20 years of experience teaching communication courses.  Having taught and studied in diverse communities, including San Jose, San Francisco, Long Beach, and Watsonville, Professor Carrion has been influenced by a myriad of teaching techniques and materials.  He is currently an instructor in the ASPIRE Program which focuses on the academic success of the Asian Pacific Island community at Evergreen Valley College.  He is also the Past Chair of the ASPIRE Program.

John is married to a beautiful wife and has two adorable children.  He plays drums for the cover band "A Good Buzz".  Interestingly enough, his free spirit evolved from listening to rhetoric by Governor Mario Cuomo, some pretty brutal Heavy Metal Music, and reading Spider-Man Comic Books.​

Ambica Gill

Ambica Gill​

Phone number: ​408-274-7900 x6696


As a first generation Indo-American, Professor Gill grew up in the bay area and is a San Jose native. After completing her high school diploma at Mount Pleasant High school in the Eastside of San Jose, she completed an AA degree in Liberal Studies at Evergreen Valley College and continued her higher education at San Jose State University where she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies.  She later obtained a Master's Degree in Communication Studies and participated in a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) program where she learned and fostered the art of teaching. Professor Gill's philosophy in teaching Communication is blending theory with praxis. "Communication is a simple process, but yet complex. If we can learn the reasons why we communicate the way we do, only then we can put its simplicity to work."  

As a tenured Professor of Communication Studies at Evergreen Valley College, Ambica is a recognized expert in the fields of persuasion, public speaking, audience analysis, interpersonal communication, and argumentation and debate​.​​

 Communication Studies Course Descriptions


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Karen Rowe
John Carrion
Ambica Gill

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