​​Spring 2014 Courses

January 27 through May 23, 2014

AJ-123​​​​ Women and the Critical Justice System 3.0 units
REG ID# 72873
Lecture Tuesday 6PM-9:05 PM Physical Education Building
Room PE-206B
Faculty: Virginia Montelongo
EDIT-024Women in Technology 3.0 units (Hybrid)
REG ID# 73666
DEd, Lecture dates: 1/29; 2/12; 2/26; 3/12; 4/9; 4/23 and 5/7
10AM-12:05 PM, Library-Room LE-228
Faculty: Nasreen Rahim
SOC-11 Social Problems 3.0 units
REG ID# 71337
Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 12:15PM-1:35 PM Cedro Building,
Room C-204
Faculty: Lori Lujan
PSYCH-25 Psychology of Women: Global Perspective 3.0 units
REG ID# 73057
Lecture Tuesday, Thursday 9:15AM-10:35 AM Cedro Building
Room C-207
Faculty: Marjorie Clark
WOMS-10 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3.0 units
REG ID# 73091
Lecture Thursday 6PM-9:05 PM Cedro Building, Room C-208
Faculty: Charlie Kahn-Lomax
HIST-14 Women in American History 3.0 units
REG ID# 72973
Lecture Monday, Wednesday 9:15AM-10:35PM Roble Building
Room R7-141
Faculty: Elizabeth Nava
ENGL-33 Women in Literature 3.0 units (Online)
REG ID# 73183
DEd, Orientation: Tuesday 1/28 6PM-7:20 PM, Library, LE-228
Final Exam: 5/20 6PM-7:20 PM LE-228
Faculty: Robin Hahn
LIB-15 Electronic Research and the Internet (Online)
REG ID# 73671
DEd, Orientation: Friday 1/31 1PM-2PM, Library LE-324
Final Exam: TBD
Faculty: Shelley Blackman 

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