Women 4 Women Mentoring


EVC’s Women for Women Mentoring Program provides women at EVC with a supportive relationship to learn, grow, and achieve personal and educational success. The W4W program is administered by faculty in the Women’s Studies Department and is open to all female faculty, staff, and female students and allies.

W4W was created in 2011 by a core of dedicated students and faculty. A student who applies for the program is matched with a faculty or staff member who shares her interests and they set up their own time, place, and frequency of informal meetings.
Today over 20 faculty and staff members help new, continuing, and reentry students with a wide range of needs. These can include how to navigate the college system to choose a major, find financial aid and scholarships, and apply to a four year college, as well as achieving work-school-life balance and receiving emotional support, friendship, and encouragement.

Each fall the program begins the academic year with an informal brown bag Meet and Greet reception in EVC’s Womyn’s Center in RG-131 when we hear the stories of mentors and mentees. For more information on how you can join, contact Robin Hahn, Language Arts and Women’s Studies Instructor, at Robin.Hahn@evc.edu.​

Women 4 Women Mentoring Testimonies​

​​Maria Ceja

Graduated from Evergreen Valley College (Summer 2013)
Associate of Arts in Psychology, with Honors
Phi Theta Kappa
Transferred to San Jose State University (Fall 2013)

What Mentoring Has Meant to Me

When I came to Evergreen Valley College, I felt intimidated and nervous about being in a new environment. Well, truthfully, I felt scared. But from the beginning, I was surrounded by caring and supportive mentors from the faculty. The very first person I met on campus was Professor and Advisor, Marjorie Clark. She was a thoughtful advisor who helped me find some great classes. And she provided a sympathetic ear and caring support at a time when I desperately needed it. From there, I had the pleasure of meeting several more amazing female professors who encouraged and supported my efforts. I feel a little bit selfish when I realize how many women have taken the time and effort to mentor me during my years at EVC. I have had not one, but five, wonderful mentors: Marjorie Clark, Elisa Nava, Ambica Gill, Robin Hahn, and Caritha Anderson. I’ve been very lucky.

Mentoring made me feel that I was part of a community; a valuable and important part. This is not an easy thing, especially at a community college, where most of us are often in a rush to get in and get out. College is hard because there are so many decisions and choices to be made, all the time. It can become almost paralyzing, and it’s definitely stressful. On top of that, you are stretching yourself in different ways and facing new challenges constantly. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Having mentors helped me make good choices, to see things in new perspectives, and to feel like I could seek out advice and guidance from supportive people around me. And most importantly, it made me feel that people cared about me and my accomplishments. That is a gift that I will always be grateful for.


Katharine Giles
Instructional Assistant

I find it so fulfilling being a mentor through the W4W program. While it feels like students come and go all too quickly during the semester, mentoring has provided me a welcome opportunity to extend a helping hand beyond those few months. I have especially loved working with my mentee to help discover and plot her educational path—finding a balance between fulfilling her internal creative passions and meeting the demands of external pressures. I look forward to our meetings each week and to watching her continue to bloom for years to come.


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