Service-Learning & Public Service

​​​​​​​​​​​​Service-Learning & Public Service 

 Serve and make a difference in the world


Welcome to Evergreen Valley College (EVC) Center for Service-Learning and Public Service!  We are pleased that you are interested in Service-Learning, high impact educational practices and improving our communities. Service-Learning is a proven method of teaching and learning that increases student retention and success, and improves communities.

The Center for Service-Learning and Public Service is housed within Academic Affairs, in the Social Science, Humanities, Arts & Physical Education (SSHAPE) Division of the College. The Center serves as the  primary campus resource for the promotion of all service-learning, public service and civic engagement activities. In addition, the Center offers educational and political forums, and workshops on social issues such as homelessness, food scarcity, sexual assault prevention, and voter registration. The Center also function as a clearinghouse for students, staff and faculty, who wish to get involved in community service.

Our program's mission is to promote students' active participation in their communities in order to foster a generation of competent leaders committed to the advancement of civic engagement and social justice,  is in alignment with EVC's mission "to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsible global citizens."

Evergreen Valley College (EVC) Service-Learning and Public Service program (SL&PS) prepares students for lifelong civic engagement and social responsibilities in an increasingly complex and diverse global society. Our social justice paradigm encourages students to tackle real world problems by serving with local nonprofit organizations in neighboring communities, in order to encourage students to utilize their knowledge and skills to become “part of the solution” for the public good. Our work is deeply rooted in the college’s guiding principles of equity, opportunity and social justice and the college’s mission to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsible global citizens. 

EVC’s Service-Learning program works closely with faculty members across disciplines, to create service opportunities that enhance greater understanding of the curriculum and integrates students’ service with classroom instruction and their lives.




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Center Hours

Mon-Thurs: 9:00am - 1:00pm

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Closed: June 1 - August 26 


Marjorie Clark, Program Coordinator

Tiffany O'Brien, Program Assistant

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