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​Counseling 014- College Success 3.00 Units

Instructor: Flora Payne      Reg ID:  96623
Time: 10:45 AM—12:05 PM (MW)
Room: AA222
This course surveys effective study skills and methods by contrasting ineffective study habits with techniques that maximize learning and memory. Emphasis is on promoting healthy changes in lifestyle that manage stress, improve health and overall well-being. Techniques to change behavior such as setting goals, managing time, increasing concentration, and controlling procrastination are practiced. Lecture topics include effective listening and note-taking skills, textbook reading, marking and vocabulary systems, memory strategies, and research paper methods using library resources. This course orientates students to transition to college course expectations and procedures. (Formerly GUIDE-095)
SERV 002- Service Learning: Personal 3.00 Units (Online)
Instructor: Camille Boone          Reg ID: 97564
Room: SA 101
This course provides students with a background in Community Service-Learning and opportunities to serve in the community. Students will receive training in goal setting, self and career exploration. Through learning by doing and critical reflection, students will develop cultural sensitivity, leadership skills, self-awareness, and become civically engaged global citizens.
CHEMS 030A- Intro to Chem 3.00 Units
Instructor: Charles Chau              Reg ID: 97246
Time: 10:45 AM—12:05 PM (MW)
Room: SA 217
This course covers the basic principles of chemistry. Content includes measurements; matter and energy; atomic structure, periodicity; chemical bonding and nomenclature; chemical reactions and equations; gases, solutions and colloids; oxygen, hydrogen and water; and acids, bases and salts. CHEM 030A is a prerequisite for microbiology and physiology and is designed to meet the chemistry requirements for nursing and other allied health majors. This course meets the General Education requirements for a laboratory science.
CHEM-012A- Organic Chemistry 5.00 Units
Instructor: Preeti Srinivasan           Reg ID: 97770
Time: 12:15 PM—01:35 PM ( MW-Lec)
          01:45 PM—04:50 PM (MW_Lab)
Room: SA 201 (Lec), SA 211 (Lab)
This is the first semester of a year-long comprehensive organic chemistry course with emphasis on structure, reaction mechanisms and their kinetics. Topics include nomenclature, stereochemistry, mechanisms, reactions, and spectroscopic studies of organic compounds. Problem-solving techniques will be used to elucidate mechanistic, structural and stereochemical features of reactions and molecules. Lecture and laboratory will cover synthesis, isolation, purification, elucidation and identification of organic structures, instrumental methods and data interpretation.
PSYCH-025-Psychology of Women: Global Perspective 3.00 Units (Online)
Instructor: Lorraine Levy                    Reg ID: 96360
Room: LE 232
POLSC- 001- Politics and Government in America 3.00 Units
Instructor: Paul Fong                           Reg ID: 96310
Time: 09:15 AM—10:35 AM (TTH)
Room: SA 104
This course covers the role and importance of the ideal of democracy and the evolution of the American and Californian political system. America's and California's political institutions (executive, legislative and judicial) and political processes (voting, lobbying, attitudes) are examined against the backdrop of America's and California's cultural diversity and political history. This course is a study of national, state and local government and politics with emphasis on the United States Constitution and the national and Californian governments. Note: Combined with HIST 1, meets US HIST & Constitution and State & Local Govt. requirements. Meets California Teachers Credential requirement.
WOMS-010- Intro to Women's Studies 3.00 Units
Instructor: Milina Jovanovic                    Reg ID: 96360
Time: 12:15 PM—01:35 PM (TTH)
Room:  C202
This course will explore women's and gender theories and the perspectives of women from different ethnicities, ages, social groups and social classes, along with contemporary definitions and values that affect women's livelihoods. Perspectives on cultural, ethnic, and gender similarities and differences will be examined. Issues and experiences affecting transgender, sexual orientation will be explored.
NURS-119- Patho for Allied Health 3.00 Units
Instructor: Gary Johnson                         Reg ID: 97178
Time: 06:00 PM—09:05 PM (T)
Room: S150
This course will provide a foundation of essential concepts of disease processes for students to examine and apply in their allied health field. The three areas of focus will include fundamental concepts and processes in pathophysiology, the relationship of developmental stages to pathophysiology, and specific disorders organized by body systems.
CHEM-001B- General Chemistry 5.00 Units
1. Instructor: Charles Chau                       Reg ID: 97235
Time: 05:00 PM - 06:20PM (MW-Lec)
          06:35 PM - 09:40PM (MW-Lab)
Room: AD211( Lec) , AC160 (Leb)
2. Instructor: Charles Chau (Lab)              Reg ID: 97234
                 Preeti Srinivasan (Lec)                      
Time: 10:45 AM - 12:05 PM (MW-Lec)
          12:45 PM-  03:50 PM (MW-Lab)
Room: AF231 (Lec) , AC 160 (Lab)
This course is a continuation of Chemistry 001A, the second semester of a one year college level general chemistry sequence. The content includes thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibrium, electrochemistry, coordination compounds, nuclear chemistry, and organic chemistry. The laboratory emphasizes qualitative and quantitative analyses of inorganic compounds and introduces electronic instrumentation. The course is required for students majoring in physical and biological sciences and pre-professional majors such as pre-medicine and dentistry. The course also completes the basic chemistry requirements for students majoring in chemical and materials engineering.
VIET-001A- Elementary Vietnamese 5.00 Units
Instructor: Khanh Hoa Nguyen Wong           Reg ID: 96684
Time: 08:00 AM - 10:25 AM (TTH)
Room: C205
This is the first course in Vietnamese with emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Essential components include pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and syntax, cultural backgrounds and an introduction to Vietnamese literature and culture. This course corresponds to two years of high school Vietnamese language study.
VIET-001B- Elementary Vietnamese 5.00 Units
Instructor: Khanh Hoa Nguyen Wong           Reg ID: 96686
Time: 10:45 AM - 01:10 PM (TTH)
Room: C205
This is the second course in Vietnamese with emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Students further develop skills in oral and written communication in the Vietnamese language. Students will cover essential language components including spelling, pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, grammar, syntax structure, as well as continue examination of Vietnamese literature and culture.
PHIL-065- Introduction to Ethics 3.00 Units
Instructor: Bhawana Kamil                                 Reg ID: 96300
Time: 12:15 PM - 01:35 PM (MW)
Room: C105
This course explores some of the major ethical theories and problems of the past and present. Students are exposed to the concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, current ethical and social issues, and to the processes of formulating and making actual ethics-based decisions. Utilitarian and rule-based systems are studied, and through critical reasoning are applied in analyses, discussions, and in written assignments. Emphasis is on the real, the practical, and the applicable in everyday ethical situations.


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