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ART-039 (Intro to Digital Video)

Professor: S. Min

This class focuses on the techniques of conceptualizing and making short films using industry standard digital video software. Students will use some of their own imagery as well as Internet resources to create professional pieces of video work. The class will help students to develop their individual creativity while working around the typical financial and technical constraints of a beginning artist. Students will be introduced to the history of film and video art, copyright policies and web publishing.

COUNS-014 (College Success)

Professor: C. Anderson

This course surveys effective study skills and methods by contrasting ineffective study habits with techniques that maximize learning and memory. Emphasis is on promoting healthy changes in lifestyle that manage stress, improve health and overall well-being. Techniques to change behavior such as setting goals, managing time, increasing concentration, and controlling procrastination are practiced. Lecture topics include effective listening and note-taking skills, textbook reading, marking and vocabulary systems, memory strategies, and research paper methods using library resources. This course orientates students to transition to college course expectations and procedures.

ETH-040 (Vietnamese Amer.Culture/Exper.)

Professor: K. Nguyen-Wong

This course provides students with a basic theoretical background to study the ancestral origin of Vietnamese Americans, their migration to the U.S., and assimilation into U.S. culture and society. It follows the evolution of their cultural roots into their ethnic heritage, focusing on their religious and philosophical thoughts, customs, and value system. The course traces the emergence of their minority status, identity, and sense of community, and explores their current status and prospects of ethno-social mobility through education, employment, business, entrepreneurship, and politics. This course reflects the Humanities and Social Science areas.

PSYCH-025 (Psych of Women: Women & Gender Studies)

Professor: M. Clark

This course examines the female experience from a global, historical, familial, cultural and psychological framework, and analyzes how women's lives are shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, ethnicity, race and individual experiences. Psychological theories and current research will address concepts of development, gender-typing, sexism, motherhood, work, adaptation, well being as well as other psychological questions of central concern to women.

SERV-002 (Service-Learning: Personal and Career Development)

Professor: M. Clark

This course provides students with a background in Community Service-Learning and opportunities to serve in the community. Students will receive training in goal setting, self and career exploration. Through learning by doing and critical reflection, students will develop cultural sensitivity, leadership skills, self-awareness, and become civically engaged global citizens.


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