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ART - 025 (Expressive Drawing)

Professor: Lei Chi

Prerequisite: ART 024 with C or better

 Students will explore artistic concepts, styles, and creative expression related to intermediate-level drawing, focusing on complex subject matter and concepts using a variety of drawing mediums, techniques, and methodologies. Students in this course will build on fundamental drawing skills to develop personalized approaches to content and materials in exercises covering multiple historical and contemporary approaches to drawing.

ART- 060C (Painting III)

Professor: Racheal Lazo

a title="ART 060C" class="bubblelink code" href="" style="text-decoration: underline;">ART 060C expands the knowledge and techniques gained in ART 060A and ART 060B, emphasizing development of themes and approaches in painting. Conceptual issues will be introduced. Students will experiment with media, content and technique to further explore and develop their aesthetic style. [Note: ART 060C same as ART 061].

PSYCH-025 (Psych of Women: Women & Gender Studies)

Professor: M. Clark

This course examines the female experience from a global, historical, familial, cultural and psychological framework, and analyzes how women's lives are shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, ethnicity, race and individual experiences. Psychological theories and current research will address concepts of development, gender-typing, sexism, motherhood, work, adaptation, well being as well as other psychological questions of central concern to women.

SERV-002 (Service-Learning: Personal and Career Development)

Professor: M. Clark

This course provides students with a background in Community Service-Learning and opportunities to serve in the community. Students will receive training in goal setting, self and career exploration. Through learning by doing and critical reflection, students will develop cultural sensitivity, leadership skills, self-awareness, and become civically engaged global citizens.


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