Getting Started

​​​​It's Easy! Just Follow these Guidelines:

  1. Find out your Instructor's Service-Learning requirements
  2. Visit the Center for Service-Learning & Public Service located at Acacia Building A4-224
    • Pick-up required forms and ​​ Community Partners' Directory.
    • Sign the Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk & Indemnity Agreement, and turn in to the Service-Learning office at A4-224.  We will obtain the Dean of SHAPPE's approval.
    • Wait for Service-Learning office to contact you before starting your service.
    • Fill out and sign the Service Agreement Form, and turn in to Service-Learning office.
  3. Select an Agency
    • Check class lists of approved sites OR
    • Choose a site based on your major and career goals.
  4. Attend Agency Orientation
    • Determine your availability before calling the agency.
    • Bring your ​ Service Agreement form to the appointment. Turn this form in with the site supervisor's signature to the Center for S-L. Center.
    • Clarify your volunteer assignment with the agency supervisor before leaving.
    • Schedule a start date.

  5. Start Service and Record Hours
    • Start service no later than the 4th week of the semester.

    • Record your hours using the Service Log form. Check due date.
    • Obtain supervisor's signature and evaluation at the end of the service.
  1. Assume Responsibility
    • Be on time!
    • Report absences to agency supervisor.
  2. Reflect
    • Complete your classroom reflection requirements and submit by instructor's deadline.
  3. Evaluate
  4. Submit all WHITE copies of forms to the Center for S-L by the deadline.

Tips: Be persistent!

Please understand that these community agencies are many times short-staffed.

When leaving a message, clearly state your name and phone number, that you are a Service-Learning student, what your orientation date is, your phone number, and the best time for someone to reach you.

If your call/email is not returned within 2 days, call again during business hours. If it is still not returned after 1 week, call the S-L Center at 408-223-6770.



Center for Service-Learning & Public Service

3095 Yerba Buena Road, Acacia A4-224
San Jose, CA 95135
O: 408.223.6770

Office Hours

Mon-Wed: 8:30am - 2pm

Thur:  8:30am - 12pm

Fri:  closed


Marjorie Clark, Service-Learning Coordinator

Tiffany O'Brien
E: Tiffany.O'

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