Fee Worksheet


Fee Worksheet

Use this worksheet to calculate your fees. Fees subject to change.


1. Enrollment Fees: $46.00 per unit. Units times $46.00


​2. Health Fee ​

​3. Student Activity Fee/ASB Stickers ​$5.00
​4. VTA EcoPass Fee​$4.50 (5 or less units) or $9.00 (6 or more units)
​5. Material Fees – Charges Vary​$

​6. Tuition for Non-Residents Only:

$228 per unit. Units times $228

7. International Student Only – Capital   Outlay Fee - $47.00

​8. Student Representative Fee​$1.00
​Add Lines 1 - 8                                        =​TOTAL FEES


Payments can be made online at http://MyWeb.sjeccd.edu. Use your credit card or mail a check with your student ID number to the address below (please do NOT send cash) or pay in person at the Office of Admissions and Records.

Evergreen Valley College

Business Services Office

3095 Yerba Buena Road

San Jose, CA 95135-1598

















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