Pell Lifetime Eligibility

​​New federal laws limit the amount of Pell Grant funds a student can receive while working towards their undergraduate degree.

Beginning July 1, 2012 any student receiving a Pell Grant cannot exceed over 600% or 6 full-time years of grant funding.

It is important that you track your Lifetime Eligibility Usage (LEU) while enrolled at Evergreen Valley College. If you plan to transfer to a 4 year university, you may need to save a portion of your Pell Grant Eligibility (PLE) to help pay for your educational costs while at the university.

We recommend that you save between 250 - 300% of their Pell Lifetime Eligibility if they plan to transfer to a university.

If your LEU is over 600% you are no longer eligible for the

Federal Pell Grant at any school.

​More information about Pell Lifetime eligibility can be found here.​

Example of Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility Used Calculation

​Award Year
​ ​Enrollment Level
​% Used
​Lifetime Pell Used at the end of the semester
​ ​2012-2013​Fall​Full time
​Spring​Full time
​ ​ ​2013-2014​Fall​Full time
​Spring​Half time
​Summer​Half time
​ ​2014-2015​​Fall​Full time
​Spring​Half time
​ ​ ​Total​275% out of 600%

To see how much Pell Grant you have used please log onto the Na​tional Student Loan Data System (NSLDS):

You will need your PIN (the PIN you used to sign your FAFSA).

Your Pell LIfetime Eligibility Used can be found on the Financial Aid Review page.

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