Federal Work Study

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What is Federal Work Study?

Federal Work-Study is a federally funded program that enables students to earn money for college costs through part-time, academic or career oriented employment while providing essential services to the college and the community. The Federal Work-Study program allows students with financial need to help meet their educational expenses without incurring a lot of debt and is intended to provide worthwhile job opportunities for qualified students. In addition, a student's income earned from your Work-Study job will not be included in calculating your student contribution which may improve the amount and types of aid you are considered for when filing a financial aid application in future periods.

Benefits of Student Employment

Studies show that compared to students who do not work, students who work a modest number of hours per week will, on average:

  • have higher grade point averages
  • graduate at a faster rate
  • be less likely to drop out
  • have more job skills to include on their resumes

The Federal Work-Study Program provides the additional benefits of:

  • Working students become better organized and manage their time better.
  • Employment exposes students to more mentor-type relationships and increases interaction with "real world" people.
  • Become involved in the campus community both as a professional and as a student.
  • Motivation to maintain the necessary academic standings to continue to work.

Getting Work Study at EVC

There is a limited number of work study positions available at our school. We have a lot of interested students, but not enough funding to allow every student to participate in the program.  If your financial aid file is complete by the priority deadline of July 31st and you marked that you are interested in FWS on your FAFSA then you will be invited to attend the FWS Orientation.  Students who attend the orientation will be eligible to apply for one of the posted FWS jobs.  You must have a Certificate of Participation in order to apply for one of the posted jobs.​

Federal Work Study orientation

​There will be several FWS Orientation sessions before and during the Fall semester.  Students who are invited to attend the FWS Orientation will be contacted by e-mail with the scheduled dates.  Upon completion of the orientation, students will be given a Certificate of Participation.  This certificate serves as proof of FWS eligibility and allows students to apply for FWS jobs.


You must have a Certificate of Completion in order to apply for one of the posted jobs.

FWS Employment Application

You must take your completed FWS Employment Application to your scheduled job interview.​


Small Group Instructor (1st Grade) - POSITION FILLED

Kindergarten Reading Buddy - POSITION FILLED

Art in Action Coordinator - POSITION FILLED

Second Grade Tutor - POSITION FILLED

Homework Tutor - POSITION FILLED

Math Tutor or Coach- POSITION FILLED

Fourth Grade Tutor - POSITION FILLED​


Literacy Intervention Tutor

TRiO Educational Talent Search - High School Level

TRiO Tutor


Questions regarding FWS,  please e-mail : workstudy@evc.edu


ON CAMPUS ​​​Federal Work Study job listings

You must have a Certificate of Completion in order to apply for one of the posted jobs.

FWS Employment Application

You must take your completed FWS Employment Application to your scheduled job interview.

Admissions & Records Department Helper - POSITION FILLED​

AFFIRM Student Ambassador - POSITION FILLED​​

Art Gallery Helper 



Automotive Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Biology Laboratory Helper - POSITION FILLED

Business and Workforce Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Business and Workforce Department Helper 2​​ - POSITION FILLED

Business Services Department Helper - POSITION FILLED​​

DSP Tutor

DSP Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Engineering Lab Helper - POSITION FILLED

English Instructor Helper - POSITION FILLED

Enlace Program Student Ambassador - POSITION FILLED



EVC Tutor​​

Financial Aid Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Fiscal Servi​ces De​partment Helper​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ - POSITION FILLED

Graphic Design Instructor and Lab Helper - POSITION FILLED​

Health Services Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Language Arts Department Helper - POSITION FILLED​​

Learning Resource Center Helper - POSITION FILLED

Library Helper ​​ - POSITION FILLED

Math, Science and Engineering Helper POSITION FILLED

Mathematics Instructor Helper - POSITION FILLED

Nursing Department Helper - POSITION FILLED

Observatory Helper - POSITION FILLED​

PE Instructor Helper 

PE Instructor Helper 2 - POSITION FILLED​

PEAK Instructor Helper - POSITION FILLED​​

Physics Laboratory Helper - POSITION FILLED​

​​ Service Learning Department Helper - POSITION FILLED​

​​Sociology Instructor Helper 

Student Ambassador - POSITION FILLED

Student Success Ambassador - POSITION FILLED

Teaching and Learning Center Department Helper - POSITION FILLED​​

TRiO Upward Bound Helper

Veterans Student Ambassador​​​



Questions regarding FWS,  please e-mail : workstudy@evc.edu


FWS Hiring Forms​

If you are selected for a FWS position, you will receive an e-mail notification with your FWS hiring forms attached. You must submit all requested documentation into the Financial Aid Office prior to starting work. The FWS Coordinator will inform you of your start date after submission​​.​

Non Federal Work  Study Job listings

Because the Federal Work-Study program at EVC is very limited, we encourage you​​ to seek non Work-Study employment.  You can search for jobs at www.Indeed.com.​​​​

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