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Mark GonxzalesThe Division of Student Affairs at EVC is committed to assist and support students to advance their education and career goals.  Our purpose is to supplement the student's learning experience by creating opportunities for self-awareness, introducing them to utilize emergent technologies, teaching them to function in a global society and championing creativity.  

 To facilitate the students' educational journey, our pledge is to offer and maintain a broad range of programs and services, as well as to create an​ environment that is conducive for learning and where the well-being of each student is paramount.

Research shows that students are successful when they engage in campus life and become integrated into the fabric of the institution.  EVC has a collage of diverse backgrounds and cultural experiences from which a beautiful and rich fabric has emerged.  We therefore encourage students to become active, to participate in all the programs and services, and to integrate their personal and cultural experiences in order to continue to enrich the campus environment.


Student First- Students are our number ONE priority. Therefore, our foremost priority is to be responsive to their individual needs and serve as advocates.

Empower Students- Students become empowered when they are provided with all essential facts and are encouraged to use independent judgment to make an informed decision.

Excellence- When we strive to bring out the best in ourselves, it reflects in everything we say and do. "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." Aristotle

IntegrityMaintain ethical standards which include honesty, respect and trust.


Mark Gonzales
Interim Vice President, Student Affairs


​Contact Info:

Mark Gonzales
Interim Vice President, Student Affairs

Ivanna Ramirez
Administrative Secretary
Student Center,  Room  205
(408) 223.6749​

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