​​​​​​​​​​​Join or Start A ​​​​​​​​Student Club​

​Student life at EVC has something for everyone! Below is a list of our active student organizations. Check them out and get involved! Interested in starting your own student organization? Use the forms found underneath the Club Info section to gain information on the process or contact the Office of Student Life​.​

Art Club

President: ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Rachel Lazo



President: ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Khan-How Nguyen-Won & Gam Nguyen


Author's Guild

President:  Jen Bacal​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Sterling Warner

Email: ​

Black Student Union

President: Rita Russom​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Ralph Jackson II

Email: ​

ENLANCE Student Association

President: Kimberly Tapia​Meetings Held: Mondays @ 2:00pm in RF-134

Club Advisor:  Frank Espinoza & Mayra Garcia

Email: ​​

Evergreen Nursing Student Association (ENSA)

President: ​Anyi Garcia ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Barbara Tisdale & Sue Wetzel


Honors Club

President: Cindy Tran​Meetings Held: Fridays @ 2:15 in Roble- 206

Club Advisor: David Hendricks

Email: ​

International Students Association (ISA)

President: ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Alla Markevch 


Journalism Club

President: Sara Ashary​Meetings Held: Mondays @ 3:30pm in EVC Library

Club Advisor:  Sterling Warner


K-POP Club

President: ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Yoon Geong Lee 


Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)​         

President: ​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor:  Alfred Gonzalez



​​​About Us:​​The mission of SACNAS (Society for the Advancement of Chicano and Native Americans in Science) at Evergreen Valley College is to guide students in attaining an advanced degree in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics for the purpose of sharing wisdom to​ ​​​the community.​​​​

Taichi Club

President:  Chuanwang Zhou​Meetings Held:

Club Advisor: Nancy Zeiszler

Email: ​

Veterans & Students Club​ Association (VSCA)

President:  Ly Thach​Meetings Held: Tuesdays @ 2:00pm inside the Veterans Center

Club Advisor: Sterling Warner & Andrea Mena

Email: ​

​​​Contact Info:

Phone: (408) 274-7900 X6694

​​Room: G2-103 

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