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Former Assessment Center has changed due to AB-705.

Evergreen Valley College no longer uses placement tests as the primary method of assessing students' English and math skills. The California State Assembly Bill 705 mandates that all students who are seeking to complete a degree have the right to self-place into transferable levels of English and Math. In accordance with state law, EVC utilizes multiple measures (e.g. U.S. high school transcripts) for course recommendation.

Meet with our Academic Counselors who will match you with the appropriate courses and provide you an educational path to maximize your academic success! 

Below are the placement options you may choose when meeting with an EVC Academic Counselor:

English and Math Self-Guided Placement

  • For students without U.S. high school performance information, the EVC academic counselor will assist you in registering.

  • California State Assembly Bill 705 mandates that all students who are seeking to complete a degree have the right to         self-place into transfer level English and Math.

  • Guided self-placement tool

U.S. High School Transcript

  • All students should bring a copy of their U.S. high school transcript with them when they first meet with an EVC academic counselor.
  • If you are unable to obtain a copy of your high school transcript, but remember your high school GPA, you can self-report this GPA when meeting with your EVC academic counselor. 

AP Scores

  • Pass the AP English Language or Literature Composition Exam or the AP Calculus or AP Statistics exam with a score of 3 or above.
  • Provide proof of these results when meeting with an EVC Academic Counselor.

College Transcript

  • If you earned a "C" or better grade in English or Math course taken at another college or university, obtain a transcript of these results.
  • Complete an EVC prerequisite verification form.
  • When meeting with an EVC academic counselor, provide a completed prerequisite verification form and a copy of the college transcript.
  • Note, counselors can use an unofficial transcript to determine your course recommendation, but an official transcript will eventually be needed for graduation purposes.

QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL US AT:   (408) 274-7900 ext. 6637 OR 6285

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