Welcome to the EVC Counseling Department. We provide a variety of counseling services to ensure student success!  Our mission is to help and empower students to achieve their educational, career and personal goals.


Counseling Services:


  • Assist students with exploration of educational options

  • Assist students with establishing academic goals

  • Assist students with selecting a major or field of study

  • Assist students with course selection and registration

  • Assist students with developing a Educational Plan (Ed Plan)

  • Addresses academic and progress probation

  • Advice students regarding graduation and certificate requirements

  • Provide referrals to other support services on campus

  • Convey current information on institutional and transfer requirements

  • Student Guide to Ed Planning.pdf​​
  • Prerequisite Clearance (coming soon)


Counselors are available to assist students explore their life goals and identify their career options. This assistance may include helping students evaluate their aptitudes and interests through the use of tests and interviews. Counselors work in conjunction with the resources found in the EVC Career Center. The Center houses the latest information on career trends, career oriented magazines, books and brochures, videos, a computerized career selection system (EUREKA) and access to the World Wide Web for college and career searches.

Express Walk-In

Express Walk-In counseling sessions are for quick questions only. A maximum of 15-20 minutes is allocated to meet with a counselor to discuss the following services​:​

  • Assessment Retest Referral

  • Excess Units

  • EVC Test Score Interpretation

  • EVC College policies and procedures

  • Transferability of Courses

  • Sequential EVC Coursework Verification​

​For a description of the above services see the ​Intake Form.​​​​If you need additional help that goes beyond the scope of a walk-in appointment, you should make an appointment for Academic, Career or Personal Counseling.​


Counselors are available to support students who need assistance in dealing with problems/ issues, which may be affecting their academic performance. Counselors work with students to alleviate their relationship, health or emotional concerns. All matters discussed are held in strict confidence by the counselor. When appropriate, students may be referred to other professional services on campus or in the community.

Prerequisite Verification​

Prerequisites, Corequisites & Advisories​


Prerequisites are courses that must be completed with a "C" grade or better prior to enrollment in the desired course. Academic departments at EVC establish prerequisites in order to ensure student's readiness for enrollment in a course.

Prerequisites, corequisites and advisories for courses are listed in the College Catalog and the Schedule of Classes.  See definitions of terms ​Prerequisites, Corequisites & Advisories​​.  

If you have not completed prerequisites at EVC, you must provide documentation from another college.

How Do I Clear a Prerequisite?

You may submit your prerequisite clearance documents in two ways.

1.  E-mail

    • Fill out and submit the Prerequisite Verification​ form with appropriate documents to Email request must indicate in the Subject line "Prerequisite Verification Request."  

    • Be sure to include your EVC student ID number and the class you want to take in the body of the e-mail.​

2.  In Person

Fill out and drop-off the Prerequisite Verification form with appropriate documents to the Student Success Center -SC250. The Prerequisite Verification Drop-Box is located by the front counter.


    • All transcripts must include the student's full name, and the name of the college.  Student must include a description of the course(s) from the college catalog and the year the course was completed. No screen shots, or e-mails from professors will be accepted.  Other documentations such as AP, SAT, ACT, IB, CLEP, EAP, ELM, EPT, require official scores from the respective institutions.

    • Make sure your name is on all documents.

Allow 2-3 weeks for review and response. ​​

Frequently Asked Questions ​

Q. Can I submit an unofficial transcript?
A. Yes, unofficial transcript(s) can be used to clear a prerequisite, be certain the transcript clearly states your name and the name of the college.  However official transcript(s) are required if you plan to petition for a certificate or an associate degree from EVC.

Q. Where can I find the Prerequisite Verification Request form?
A. You can find the form on the EVC website at (Prerequisite​ Verification) or at the Student Success Center in SC250. 

Q. Can someone else drop off the Prerequisite Verification Request form for me?
A. Yes, as long as the form is completed, and signed with appropriate documentations, your representative can place the form in the Prerequisite Verification Drop-Box located in Student Success Center -SC250.  

Q. How long does it take to clear a prerequisite?
A. If all the required paperwork is completed, it may take 2-3 weeks.

Q. Do I need to complete a Prerequisite Verification Request form to clear a course that has an advisory?
A. No, advisories are courses, which are recommended for success but not required before enrolling.

 Q. What if I am currently enrolled in the prerequisite course at another college other than EVC and I will not get the grade until after my registration date. What can I do?
A. Unfortunately, you cannot clear a prerequisite without a final grade of C or better.  As soon as the grade is posted on your unofficial transcript, submit your request.

​​ Q.  Where can I find the course description from the college where the course was completed?
A. ​​​Course description can be found in your college catalog. Most colleges post their catalogs on their websites. You can also search for the college catalogs on-line at​​


Student Success Resources​:

​Online Student Success Workshops

Dear EVC Student or Prospective Student please utilize this series of interactive on-demand workshops, action plans and valuable resources focused on helping you achieve your academic, personal and career goals. The goal is to support your career exploration and development as well as your academic success. ​

To start click here:


Location: Student Services Center SC-250 
Phone: (408) 270-6475

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