Assessment & Counseling

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Assessment & Counseling

It is now time to sign up for your assessment test. Please choose a time and date that doesn’t conflict with your personal schedule. Please call 408-274-7900 x 6636 to schedule an appointment.

The assessment test is not a pass or fail exam; it is simply designed to determine your reading, writing, and math ability. The assessment test will provide a starting point for ESL, English and math placement, and offers you the opportunity to progress through the coursework to meet graduation and transfer requirements. The assessment test in one of several multiple measures a counselor uses for initial course placement.

Please note that the assessment test is offered on a computer in the assessment center at Evergreen Valley College. For a link to sample questions, please click here. Please note that this site will navigate away from the EVC orientation; please bookmark this page so that you can return to it when you’re ready.

Once you complete the assessment, you will be given a copy of your assessment test results.

Click here to view a cop​y of the San José /Evergreen Community College District Placement Test Results and course sequence (pdf). You will need to download Adobe's® Acrobat® Reader™ if you wish to view and print this document.

Following your assessment test, you can sign up for a program planning session. During the session a counselor will go over your assessment test results and assist you in course selection for the upcoming semester.

Registering for classes

Upon completion of your program planning session with your counselor, you may register for your courses  online. You may go to and follow the instructions to enroll online.

We look forward to having you on campus as a student at Evergreen Valley College!


Your next step is to make an appointment for an Assessment Test and Program Planning Session.

​This session will take approximately 3-4 hours to complete.

Schedule an appointment for an Assessment Test & Program Planning Session

For assessment information or assistance, call 274-7900 x 6636.

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