College Facts

​​Unlike high school, which was measured in terms of years, college is measured in terms of units. Each person in college may reach his or her goals at different times because some may take less units than others. Some students may work and only take a few units at a time, while others may attend school full time, and complete their educational goals faster. 

What is a unit?

A unit can be defined as approximately one hour of lecture time per week during a 16 week semester. Classes at Evergreen Valley College are anywhere from 1 unit all the way up to 6 units. For example, English 1A is a 3 unit course. Therefore, it meets 3 hours a week for one semester.
For every unit of a course there are approximately two hours of homework. So the English 1A course is a 3 unit course and requires 3 hours of lecture time, but also requires 6 hours of homework. Take a look at the formula below:

1 unit= 1 hour of lecture
1 unit= 2 hours of homework
Total is 3 hours a week for a one unit class

Now let’s try the formula for a 3 unit course like English 1A.
Formula: 2 hours of study time for each unit taken
Example: 3 unit course

In class time =

3 hours per week (1 hour for each unit)

Study time =

+ 6 hours per week (2 hrs per unit x 3 units= 6 hours)

Total Time=

9 hours/week for one 3-unit class

You are considered a full time student if you are enrolled in 12 units. The total time you should budget is 36 hours per week for school and work (12 hours in class plus 24 hours of study time =36 hours).

So how are you doing so far?

Need a quick review?


  • The online orientation will provide a brief overview of the programs and services available at Evergreen Valley College.

  • College is not measured in time, but it is measured in units. A full time college student is enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.

  • A unit is equal to approximately one lecture hour per week during a 16 week semester.

  • A student needs to allocate 2 hours of study time for each one unit of class time. A three unit course will require nine hours of time per week (3 hours of class time + 6 hours of homework).

  • Everyone is college material. A customized educational plan can be designed to meet your needs.

  • You may begin your college career at different times in your life (after military service, after helping out a family business, etc). Evergreen can provide you with a wonderful college experience when you’re ready to begin your journey.

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