Is College Right for You

​Once you’ve reviewed the time commitment that college will require, the question then becomes “Is college right for me?”   

The answer is a resounding YES! Evergreen Valley College counselors will work with you and your schedule to prepare a custom educational plan that will meet your needs. Most educators counsel high school students to continue their education after they receive their diplomas. We completely agree that everyone needs to do something over and beyond high school to stay competitive in a growing global economy. The question should not be “Is college right for me?” but, “When will college be right for me?” We have a very unique and diverse student body at Evergreen Valley College. Some of our students choose to delay going to college after high school for a variety of very legitimate reasons. We have students who first decide to join the military service, have family obligations and commitments, need to assist a family business for a few years, or have just moved to California and choose to wait for a year or two before beginning their college career. Financial hardship often creates a barrier for students who do not believe that they can afford a college education.

If you have recently served in the military and would like to begin your career, talk to a counselor. If you have family responsibilities that make it difficult to continue your education, talk to a counselor. Many students balance college with family and job responsibilities quite successfully. We can advise you on how to manage this. If you are new to our great State, and wondering how to get started, talk with a counselor. If you feel you simply cannot afford college, talk to a counselor! Financial Aid is available to assist students to afford school. Visit the Financial Aid site to find out more: and visit the Evergreen Valley College Financial Aid site for campus specific information:    Financial Aid and Scholarships
You will find it very difficult to find a fulfilling career without an education beyond high school. Discover the possibilities that await you here! With an Associate Degree that will lead you out to the world of work or with a transfer option on to a university, there is something for everyone at Evergreen Valley College.

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  • The online orientation will provide a brief overview of the programs and services available at Evergreen Valley College.

  • College is not measured in time, but it is measured in units. A full time college student is enrolled in a minimum of 12 units.

  • A unit is equal to approximately one lecture hour per week during a 16 week semester.

  • A student needs to allocate 2 hours of study time for each one unit of class time. A three unit course will require nine hours of time per week (3 hours of class time + 6 hours of homework).

  • Everyone is college material. A customized educational plan can be designed to meet your needs.

  • You may begin your college career at different times in your life (after military service, after helping out a family business, etc). Evergreen can provide you with a wonderful college experience when you’re ready to begin your journey.

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