Time Management

Learning to manage your time is the most important skill to have when you start your career at Evergreen. Here are some tips to help you with time management.

There are 168 hours per week and people spend approximately 70 hours a week sleeping, eating, and doing personal grooming and maintenance, which leaves 98 hours left for school, work, personal responsibilities, and fun.

If you are working and going to school at the same time, we suggest that you do not register for more classes than you can handle. Look at the table below to determine how many units you should take per semester if you work. (Note: 1 class is usually 3 units)

If you work

we suggest you take no more than

40 hours per week

3 - 6 units

30 hours per week

9 units

20 hours per week

12 units

5 to 15 hours per week

15 units

When making your school schedule, you should also allot adequate time for studying.

In general, 1 unit= 1 hour of class per week, and 1 class hour = 2 study hours outside of class per week.

Example: If you work 20 hours, we suggest that you take 12 units per semester. You will spend approximately 12 hours per week in class and we expect you to study 24 hours per week outside of class. The total school commitment will be 36 hours per week. When we add the work and school commitment together, we get 56 hours devoted to school and work, which leaves only 42 hours a week for personal responsibilities and fun.

Try working out your time to make sure that you can manage your schedule.

Work + Total Units+ Study Time (2xTotal Units)= A 
98 - A = ? (time left for personal responsibilities and fun)


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