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Please call Health Services at (408) 270-6480 to schedule a medical appointment.  ​

             ​         Student Health Services Price List


The Health Center provides the following services to currently enrolled students only:

  • Urgent Care for Acute Illnesses & Injuries

  • Annual Flu Vaccine

  • TB Skin Testing​​

  • Confidential HIV/STD Testing

  • Physical Exams

  • Nutrition and Health Education

  • Smoking Cessation Counseling

  • Pregnancy Tests

  • Family Planning/Birth Control

  • Low Cost Fees for Labs & Some Medications

  • Medical Providers Available for Questions

  • Referrals to Community Health Agencies 

  • Student Psychological Services

​The Student Health Fee of $19 is charged at registration and paid in Admissions and Records.  The fee covers MOST visits to the Health Center.

The Student Health Fee does NOT COVER the following:

  • Ambulance

  • Family Coverage

  • Fees involving off-campus care

  • Hospitalizations

  • Ongoing medical care

  • X-Rays

  • Pharmacy (Except Family PACT)

  • Laboratory (Except Family PACT)

  • Physical Exams​​​​​

  • Student Health Services Fees​​

    The District provides a Health Clinic to assist students.

    The Health Services Fee is $19 per semester, payable at the time of registration. The fee is non-refundable unless the student withdraws from all classes prior to the end of the 10th class day of the term, or the District cancels all of the student's classes. ​

    Mandatory Health Fee with the Following Exceptions:

    • Concurrently enrolled high school students with an approved R-40 and R-42 on file.
    • ​Indentured apprentices fulfilling related instruction requirements (with proper documentation required).
    • Students who are dependent exclusively upon prayer for healing, in accordance with teachings of a bonafide religious sect, denomination, or organization (proper documentation required).
    • Students enrolled only for classes meeting off-campus.
    • Students taking Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday classes only.
    • Students taking only short-term classes which meet on campus seven times or less.
    • Wavier or refund of the AS Activity Fee or the Health Fee may be requested in the Office of Admissions & Records. These requests should be made during the beginning of the semester.​
    Note: Fees are subject to change by the Legislature. Effective Spring 2009 the BOGFW will no longer cover the health fee.

    The Health Services Fee of $19 paid at registration covers the following: 

    • Provides medical, mental health and wellness services to currently enrolled students.

    • Pays for medical supplies and medical providers for the clinic.

    • Many services are free, including care, acute illnesses and injuries.

    • Medications, lab test, and complete physical exams cost extra.

    • Find out if you qualify for Family PACT, which covers family planning services for free.  (Birth Control, Pregnancy Tests, & STD/HIV Testing)

    The Health Center is not open during intersession and summer.​​​​

​Community Resources & Referrals

Foothill Family Community Clinics​

Call 408-729-9700 ​to schedule an appointment.

Planned Parenthood ​

​​YWCA Rape Crisis 24 Hour Hotlines:




Community Solutions (Counseling Services Provided​)​

Next Door Solutions To Domestic Violence​
Expired Medication Disposal - Drop Off Locations 

Health Information & Awareness

Get Tested For Hepatitis B 

Meningitis B Vaccine Information ​​

Where to Get Meningitis B Vaccine

Sexually Transmitted Illnesses & What You Need to Know

Are You Ready To Quit Smoking?California's Smoker's Hotline​

Drugs & Alcohol Information​​​
National Institute on Drug Abuse ​List of Community Resources for Substance Abuse Treatment
Top Myths About Drinking Alcohol​

Nutrition & Fitness InformationColorful Eating For Whole Body Health Nutrition & Dietary Guidelines​

Training & Education​

Student Health 101 Online Magazine​

Student Guide to Surviving Stress​

Kognito Promotion​Learn More About Mental Health Awareness​

Student Accident Insurance Program​​

  • The Community College District also provides accident insurance to students and athletes while on campus. Coverage is related to​ accidents under the following circumstances:

  • Students – while attending regularly scheduled classes on the campus, college-sponsored activities, including club activities, and while traveling under college supervision to and from ​college-sponsored events.​

  • Student Athletes – while participating in or attending any regularly scheduled practice or competition supervised by an authorized representative of the College, or while traveling directly to and from practice or competition with other members as a group, provided such travel is supervised by an authorized representative of the College.​​​​​      ​​

Title IX - Sexual Assault ​

What to Do if You Have Been Sexually Assaulted​​



​​Contact Info:

Phone:      408.270.6480
Fax:           408.532.1831
​Location:  SC-124

​Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.


​8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


​​9:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.


Janice Assadi​Clinic Director​​​​​

Lisa Bowie,  Medical Director

Gina BonannoOffice Assistant

Shireena Dubey, LMFT Clinical Supervisor

Kiara Richie, Medical Assistant

Barbara Ferrell, Nurse Practitioner​​



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