Cooperative Education

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Students attending Evergreen Valley College have many reasons for doing so, one of them is to prepare for better employment opportunities, such as: a brighter future, better jobs, higher salaries, as well as extended occupational and professional growth. Our students not only strive to succeed in college but they also place value on their current employment in which they spend a great deal of time and effort in order to be successful in both areas. The focus, then turns to bringing education and employment together, allowing students to receive credit for school and for their employment as well. The employment can be volunteer or paid.

Evergreen Valley College brings industry and Education together through Cooperative Education Work Experience Program. This program allows the working student to earn college credit for time spent at work and success on the job.


Why should you enroll in the Cooperative Education Work Experience Program?


Benefits to students:

  1. Receive 1-4 units of college credit per semester, which can be applied toward an A.S/A.A. degree (For a maximum of 16 units).
  2. Provides a programmed learning, which leads to advancement on the employment position.
  3. Emphasizes positive learning opportunities readily available on the current position.
  4. Develops short-term goals as a means of upgrading and retraining for the current employment position.
  5. Transfers to the CSU system and private colleges as electives.
  6. Develops opportunities for students to work with supervisors and demonstrate commitment to employment.
  7. Develops an opportunity to improve grade point average (GPA).
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