Cooperative Requirements


Requirements to enroll in the Cooperative Education Work Experience Program


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  1. You must be currently enrolled at Evergreen Valley College or any accredited school or University.
  2. Register for Cooperative Education Work Experience at the same time you register for other classes, pay fees, and obtain a print out of your classes. Students may be accepted into the Cooperative Education Work Experience Program through the fourth week of the semester.
  3. Students must be currently employed as a paid or volunteer worker.
  4. Students must complete the Cooperative Education Work Experience application (WE-101) and process an Add Slip with the office of Admissions and Records. All students must submit the (WE-101) form to begin the program. This form is extremely important because it provides your instructor with your employment information, as well as, your course work for the semester.

    Return the Cooperative Education Work Experience Application (WE-101) to the Cooperative Education Office SC-214

    Once the student is officially enrolled:
  1. Student will complete a Learning/Performance Objective Worksheet (WE-102). These objectives should be developed to improve on students current duties. This is an opportunity for students to learn new skills or take on new responsibilities.
  2. Obtain a job description of current position. If student do not have a job description the Cooperative Education coordinator will assist in creating one.
  3. The student will bring the WE-102 contracted signed by them and their supervisor to the Coordinator for final approval and at that point complete the WE-103 form.
  4. Student will maintain a weekly log of all activities projects and goals for which they have been assigned.
  5. Student will have to complete a self-evaluation paper at the end of the semester along with the WE-102 evaluated and signed by Supervisor.
  6. Students may enroll in only one Cooperative Education Work Experience program per semester. The maximum units you can earn in the California Community College system is 16 units.
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