Learning Objectives


What are Learning Objectives?

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Learning objectives are written short-term goals that can be completed on the job during the 16 weeks of the semesters. Credit is received for learning new skills, taking on new responsibilities, working a special projects with supervisor, learning and improving on current skills. Students are able to cross-train and learn new responsibilities. Other projects may include enhancing writing skills, communication skills, technology skills such as learning a new software, creating documents, maintaining a database, and being able to problem solve any situation.

These skills should be completed and achieved in 16 weeks.

Guideline for Writing Objectives:

An objective is a goal that can be measurable outcome that results from new or expanded workplace-learning activities, which are to be completed on the work-site during a regular semester. Objectives are the foundation of this course. Quarterly employment goals or projects may be utilized as learning objectives as long as they provide an opportunity for growth and learning.

All learning objectives must have the following four key elements to be acceptable:

  • What will you learn from this objective?
  • How will you learn it?
  • How will it be evaluated, measured, and by whom?
  • What date will it be completed.

Learning objectives must be realistic and must be achieved within the semester. They must describe the project the student will undertake. For example: repair, solve, research, develop, implement, create, learn, build, write, read, explain, locate, and perform.

Using Present Duties:

  • Continuing new learning experiences recently started in tthe current position
  • Improving quantity or quality of present output.
  • Solving a human relation problem.
  • Solving a functional problem in the work area.
  • Time management.
  • Develop new methods for job improvement.

Expanding Duties:

  • Develop new job skills through cross training.
  • Adding new duties to one already performed satisfactorily.

New position:

  • Learn position classification.
  • Learn duties to be performed.
  • Learn policies and procedures of the Company.


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