Administrative Services


Administrative Services has several departments:

Business Services – handles the budgeting and accounting for the various departments on campus.  Disbursement of reimbursement checks and payroll checks for staff and students takes place in AC-115. 

Grounds – Maintaining the 170-acres of Evergreen Valley College is the function of the Grounds Department. The team is led by Thomas Quade with a crew of four – Gary Cooper, Art Azevedo, Danny Castro, and Angelo Nunes. ​

Custodial – Guillermo Serratos-Lopez and his crew of 18 custodians keep the EVC classrooms, offices, and restrooms clean.  The main group of custodial staff works the swing shift, 4.00pm to 12.30am Monday to Friday. The utility crew works 8:00pm to 4.30am Monday to Friday.

Facilities - is working on future building and campus projects.  They coordinate construction projects with various EVC's departments.  Rental of campus facilities is housed ​in this department.


​Contact Info:

Henry Gee
VP - Administrative Services

Colleen Cuen​
Administrative Secretary

Phone: (408) 270-6796
Monday–Friday, 8am – 5pm

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