​​​​​​​​​​The Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE) Office provides critical data upon which decisions are made that support teaching, learning and student success.

For assistance with EVC data please complete a data request form. For EVC staff and faculty, use this Internal Data Request Form, and for External Campus requestors use this data request form. ​

View EVC's RPIE Research Agenda for 2019-2020 here.

EVC Fast Facts

  1. EVC Fast Facts 2019 Fall (previous fast facts: 2018 Fall and 2019 Spring)
  2. EVC Scorecard
  3. EVC Student Achievement Quick F​act


  1. 2018 Real College Report for Evergreen Valley College and California Community Colleges #RealCollege Report (2019) - EVC participated in this survey fall 2018 and reports linked above became available spring 2019
  2. EVC CCSSE Report (2018)
  3. EVC CCSSE report (2016)
  4. Disaggregated student learning CCSSE data  (2016)
  5. EVC Diverse Learning Environments Survey report (2015)
  6. EVC Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) report  (2013)

Campus Presentations

  1. Student Voices Survey Results (October 2019)
  2. Changes to Comprehensive Program Review at EVC (August 2019)
  3. Where's the Data?? An Overview of Data Available to the Campus (March 2019)
  4. Guided Pathways & San Jose Promise, Professional Development Day (August 2017)
    a)  ​Guided Pathways
    b)  Guided Pathways - breakout session​
  5. Accreditation Update​ (March 2017)
  6. Staff Communication Survey (March 2017)
  7. Student Communication and Class Scheduling Survey (March 2017)
  8. Summary of Student ​Success Data

Board of Trustees Presentations

  1. Bi-annual Reporting of Board's Ends Policies (May 2019)
  2. Vision for Success Goals (April 2019) - First reading of goals; Vision for Success Goals (May 2019) second reading of goals
  3. 2018 Student Success Scorecard Data (February 2019, slides 14-18 show EVC data)
  4. Achievement Data (June 2017)
  5. Student Equity Goals (2019) and Student Success and Equity Data (March 2017)

External Data Sources

  1. Student Success Metrics - (California Community College's Chancellor's Office) - provides student outcomes based on five types of student journeys: all students, adult ed/ESL students, short-term career ed students, degree/transfer students, and undecided students. 
  2. Data Mart (California Community College's Chancellor's Office MIS) - provides information about students, courses, student services, outcomes, and faculty and staff. For program awards data, use the TOP codes to identify programs.
  3. Student Success Scorecard (California Community Colleges Board of Governors) - student progress and success metrics in remedial instruction, job training programs, retention of students, graduation rates, and completion rates.
  4. LaunchBoard (California Community College's Chancellor's Office and hosted by Cal-PASS Plus) - provides data on the effectiveness of programs in both Career and Technical Education (CTE) and non-CTE pathways.
  5. Student Right-To-Know (California Community College's Chancellor's Office) -  provides three year cohort data of completion and transfer rates.
  6. Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) (US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics) - provides data on enrollment, program completion, graduation rates, faculty and staff, finances, institutional costs, and student financial aid. 
  7. CTE Outcomes Survey (California Community College's Chancellor's Office statewide survey results) - provides employment outcomes for students who participated in career technical education.
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