Master Plan & Bond Documentation

​​​​​​​​​​Educational & Facilities Maste​​​r Plan

Evergreen Valley College started its Educational Master Plan in fall 2009 and completed its process in spring 2010. The Educational and Facilities Master plan provides a framework and road map for EVC's overall planning un​til 2025.

Educational Master Plan

Facilities Master Plan

Construction Projects at EVC

Construction Site Plans, Fall 2013 – 2015 (Nov 2015)

Link to Construction Site Plans Map

This schedule is subject to change and will be updated as needed.​

Fall 2014:

  1. Parking Lot and street maintenance completed.
  2. South Campus – continuing
  3. Central Green – continuing
  4. East Plaza – continuing
  5. Auto Tech building – continuing
  6. Utilities – ongoing
  7. MDF (main distribution frame [location for telecommunications electronic hardware) – relocation from Roble to Student Services Building (Old TV studio).
  8. Bleacher Project completed.

Spring 2015:

  1. South Campus – continuing
  2. Central Green – finishing
  3. East Plaza – finishing
  4. Auto Tech – continuing
  5. Utilities – ongoing
  6. MDF – continuing

Summer 2015:

  1. South Campus – continuing
  2. Auto tech – continuing
  3. Utilities – continuing
  4. MDF -- continuing

Fall 2015:

  1. South Campus – continuing
  2. Utilities – ongoing
  3. MDF – continuing
  4. Auto Tech – finishing

Spring 2016:

  1. South Campus – finishing
  2. MDF – finished

Past Activities

Fall 2013:

  1. Gullo I Student Center; re-roofing and putting up new exterior wall.
  2. Central Plant, Police; renovation, new road, police parking area
  3. Some upgrades to mechanical, electrical, plumbing in select buildings.
  4. Testing new door locking system for Cedro Building.
  5. Extension of utilities to upcoming Automotive Tech Building.
  6. Carports at the District Warehouse for Grounds Equipment.

Spring 2014:

  1. Central Plant/Police renovation to continue.
  2. MEP ongoing.
  3. Gullo Student Central, finishing Spring 2014.
  4. Carports at District Warehouse finishing January 2014.
  5. Waterline Replacement, may start March
  6. Loop Road, start Spring 2014, access around proposed Auto Tech Building.
  7. Parking Lot – repainting lines; some street maintenance
  8. Bleacher Project at Soccer Stadium started.​​

Summer 2014:

  1. Finish of Central Plant and Police; move-in of Maintenance and Police to location; temporary Police location in parking Lot 4A will convert to EVC Emergency Operations Center (August/September).
  2. Loop Road will be finished.
  3. Waterline replacement will continue.
  4. Parking Lot and street maintenance – continuing
  5. South Campus Development will be started August; north grass soccer field and half of Parking Lot 9 will be fenced off.
  6. Central Green project will be started in July.
  7. East Plaza (VPA Theater area) for the new VTA Bus route will be started in July.
  8. Auto Tech building will be started August.
  9. ADA improvements will continue.
  10. Bleacher project continuing.​

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Opportunities might exist for your firm. SJECCD and EVC are equal opportunity contractors and welcome minority-owned, women-owned, and underrepresented-group-owned businesses to apply.

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​​​Carlos Marques
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