Mission & Strategic Planning

EVC Strat​egic Plan​


With equity, opportunity and social justice as our guiding principles, Evergreen Valley College’s mission is to empower and prepare students from diverse backgrounds to succeed academically and to be civically responsible global citizens.

We meet our mission through a wide spectrum of educational experiences, flexible methodologies, and support services for our students. We offer associate degrees, associate degrees​ for transfer, certificates, career technical education, transfer coursework, and basic skills education​.​

Background of the Mission Sta​tement

Evergreen Valley College’s previous Mission Statement, which was last revised in 2006, was reviewed at an All-College Retreat on October 23, 2009. A group of Evergreen Valley College faculty, students, administrators, and staff engaged in value-clarification exercises and dialogue. Based on these discussions, a number of subcommittees met to synthesize the feedback and create two options for the Mission Statement language. On January 29, 2010, at the college’s Professional Development Day (PDD), the president presented these two options to the college community for feedback and voting. The new Mission Statement was identified through this vote and subsequently approved by the EVC’s shared governance committees. The president took the revised Mission Statement to the Board of Trustees for approval on May 11, 2010.

Strategic Initiati​​ves

  1. Student-Centered: We provide access to quality and efficient programs and services to ensure student success. Areas of focus are:
    • Access
    • Curriculum and Programs
    • Services
  2. Community Engagement: We will transform the college image and enhance partnerships with community, business and educational institutions. ​Areas of focus are:
    • Increase Visibility
    • Develop Strategic Partnerships
    • Building Campus Community
  3. Organizational Transformation: We create a trusting environment where everyone is valued and empowered.  Areas of focus are:
    • Student Access: Completion of Educational Goals
    • Employee Development
    • Transparent Infrastructure
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