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The SLO Subcommittee was created in fall 2009 to recommend systemic implementation of SLOs and assessment plans. The subcommittee consists of instructional faculty from GE and CTE ar​eas including nursing, library and learning resources faculty; administrators from both Student and Academic Affairs; and the Curriculum Committee chair.​


SLO Assessment Cycle in Progress

​SLO Assessment Cycle Complete


S​LO Asse​ssme​nt ​Templates​

SLO Asses​sment & Reso​​​urces 

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  1. EVC SLO Assessment Plans – Minimum Standards

  1. Approved EVC SLO Assessment Templates

  1. EVC Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

  1. Resources for Creating Course le​​vel SLOs

  2. Resources for Assessing/Analyzing an​d Revising course SLOs

  3. ​Resources to complete EVC Course SLO Assessment Matrix Video

    1. PC
    2. Mac
  4. Resources to complete EVC Program SLO Assessment Matrix Video​

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    2. Mac
  5. Resources for Student Affairs SLO assessment

  6. General SLO Assessment Cycle Resources​

  7. ACCJC Institutional Effectiveness Rubrics

    ACCJC expectation is that by fall 2012 all colleges meet the proficiency standard as indicated on "Rubric for Evaluating Institutio​​nal Effectiveness - Part III: Student Learning Outcomes"​

  8. March 2012 P​​DD SLO Assessment Presentation

  9. March 2012 PDD SLO Assessment Cycle - Instructional Breakout Session

  10. Post PDD session 3: Data Analysis video​​

  11. Academic Senate Resolution on Curriculum Revision/SLO
  12. New or Revised Course Proposal Form including SLO

  13. SLO Assessment Update PDD 8-30-12

  14. PLO Assessment PDD Presentation

  15. SLO Assessment and Program Review Presentation - 11/14/12

  16. Spring PDD, April 12, 2013

  17. SLO Assessment and Rubrics

    1. R​ubrics

    2. Ability to represent information in multiple ways

    3. Ability to communicate scientific ideas

    4. Example of a Rubric and its use for improvement

    5. Constructing Grading Rubrics

    6. Ability to collect and analyze experimental data

    7. A Sample Rubric: The Critical Thinking Rubric


  18. FAll PDD, August 29, 2013 Presentation

  19. Spring PDD, January 24, 2014 Presentation

  20. CurricUNET Meta

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