Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


SLOs identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students will be able to demonstrate as a result of their engagement in a particular course, program and collegiate experiences at Evergreen Valley College. Course level SLOs are available through course syllabi and the official course outline of record (curricunet​). Program level SLOs are listed under "degrees and certificates​" in the catalog.

Institutional/General Education Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

ILOs are knowledge, skills and abilities a student is expected to leave an institution with as a result of a student's total experience. The faculty and staff at Evergreen Valley College believe that General Education (GE) Outcomes represent a common core of outcomes for the majority of students transferring or receiving degrees; therefore, Evergreen created ILOs encompassing GE components, as well as student support service areas. (ILO's defined)​

Upon completion of study at Evergreen Valley College…


The student will demonstrate effective communication, appropriate to audience and purpose.

Inquiry and Reasoning

The student will critically evaluate information to interpret ideas and solve problems.

Information Competency

The student will utilize information from a variety of sources to make an informed decision and take action.

Social Responsibility

The student will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills with people of diverse backgrounds and effectively function in group decision making.

Personal Development

​The student will demonstrate growth and self-management to promote life-long learning and personal well-being.​


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