Classified Senate




As of Spring 2019 classified staff at Evergreen Valley College are working on a constitution and bylaws to re-establish EVC's own Classified Senate! We are hoping to get recognized by the state after our elections in August 2019.


The EVC Classified Senate seeks to promote the choice of classified staff on non-collective bargaining issues and to provide recommendations and views on matters affecting the classified staff and the conduct, welfare, and growth of Evergreen Valley College.

Interested in holding a seat as an officer or senator? Please be on the lookout for future notices on meetings and elections!

For more information please contact Sarai Minjares ext. 6456 or Bianca Lopez ext. 6792.

Established: 1986. On hiatus effective April 28, 2009. Possible re-establishment Fall 2019.


Our purpose is to stand as a body representing the various needs, concerns, and viewpoints of the classified staff not related to union negotiation matters. We also aim to provide:

  • A means through which classified will coordinate with administration and faculty to assure input from classified regarding college business and classified representation on college committees, thus assisting in the shared governance process.
  • A body through which the professionalism of classified is articulated and valued.
  • An opportunity for enhancing the democratic process of informed decision-making at Evergreen Valley College.
  • An opportunity to develop individual leadership contribution and development among the college’s classified professionals.
  • A channel to forward recommendations to College Council.


E-board: (open to classified staff members only)

Vice President

Area Senators: (open to classified staff members only)

Senator, Academic Affairs
Senator, Administrative Services
Senator, Student Affairs
Senator, At-Large (any area)

Non-voting seats:

CSEA representative
ASG representative
Academic Senate representative


Classified Senate President (elected by the Senate members)


Elected for a two-year term.


1-2 times per month


Open to any interested members of the college community.​

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