College Council


Established: Fall Semester, 1993


The College Council is a representative council (administration; faculty; classified staff; students) that advises the College President. Specifically, the Council will:

    • Provide college-wide input on shared governance issues through review and discussion.
    • Serve as EVC’s main policy body that forwards recommendations on shared governance issues.
    • Make recommendations to the College President provided by the Shared Governance Committees.
    • Disseminate accurate and timely budget recommendations.
    • Oversee development and implementation of strategic planning.
    • Assures that strategic planning occurs as a result of campus-wide input
    • Assures that initiatives are implemented in a timely manner and are revised regularly, based on assessment and the needs of the college.
    • Assures that the Mission, Vision and Values of the College are reviewed and revised at regular intervals.
    • Maintain/Implement Shared Governance Decision Making Handbook. Exchange information among governance groups.
    • Develop and Maintain College Council Timeline Review/Record/Implement and disseminate college procedures as they relate to Shared Governance.

      Recommendations Forwarded To

      College Pres​ident​


      Three administrators, chosen by the President (2 managers, 1 supervisor)
      President, Academic Senate
      Academic Senate Representative
      Faculty Association Representative from EVC
      One Diversity Action Council Representative
      Three Representatives of CSEA 
      Three Representatives of the Associated Students

      Ex Officio (non-voting resource):

      College P​resident, V.P. of Admin. Services, V.P. of Student Affairs, V.P. of Academic Affairs


      Two years


      To be selected from among the Council members

      Meetings Schedule

      2nd & 4th Mo​nday of each month, 2:30 – 4:30pm


      Meetings are open to any interested member of the College community. Anyone who wishes the College Council to address an issue should either contact their representative or chair to place the item on the agenda.

      ​2013 - 2014 M​embership






      Jan Tomisaka

      Eric Narveson

      Mark Gonzales

      Remi Kloth

      Henry Yong

      John Thompson

      Frank Espinoza

      Lauren McKee

      Darlene Garcia

      Henry Gee

      David Micetich

      Sravani Banerjee

      Merryl Kravitz


      Irma Archuleta

      Adrienne Burns - 
      DAC rep.

      Keith Aytch​

      ​ ​



13-14 Council Minutes
12-13 Council Minutes
11-12 Council Minutes
10-11 Council Minutes
09-10 Council Minutes
08-09 Council Minutes
07-08 Council Minutes
06-07 Council Minutes
05-06 Council Minutes

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