Institutional Effectiveness


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Established: Fall 2006


The charge of this committee is to ensure full alignment between the College’s mission, strategic directions, planning, quality of programs and services and accreditation standards and requirements.  

    • Ensure all college planning is responsive to the college vision, values, mission, goals, community expectations, and student demographics.
    • This committee will be divided into three subcommittees with specific charges: Accreditation, Program Review and Strategic Planning.
    • Maintain a work plan and schedule to include goals, requirements, etc. for the committee and the subcommittees.
    • Ensure that the full committee meets once a month and that the subcommittees meet at least once (or twice) a month with monthly reports to the full committee.

Accredit​ation Subcommittee Ch​​arge:

    • Oversee the Accreditation compliance process and related accountability in consultation with the VP of Academic Affairs and the various constituent groups.
    • Coordinate accreditation activities, including preparation of self-study reports, midterm reports, interim reports, annual reports and site visitations for accreditation reaffirmation.
    • Create and monitor a work plan and schedule inclusive of the 6-year accreditation cycle.
    • Receive and distribute information from subcommittees: 
    • WASC Accreditation Commission
    • Previous accreditation reports
    • Campus and community constituencies
    • Maintain and update resources in the Accreditation Resource Center.

Program Review Subcommittee Char​ge:

    • Establish, monitor, and oversee the program review criteria, process, implementation, and accountability in consultation with the Academic Senate.
    • Recommend institutional priorities that are based on data driven Program Review.
    • Coordinate information and data (SLO) with Curriculum Committee.
    •  Provide information and data in support of the committee’s and subcommittee’s work.
    • Develop and monitor Program Review schedule for Academic Affairs and Student Affairs divisions and programs.
    • Assessment of Program Reviews as to:  (1) form, (2) quality, (3) implementation.
    • Place approved program reviews on public folders.

Strategic Plannin​g Subcommittee Charge:

    • Establish, monitor, and oversee the Strategic Planning process, implementation and accountability.
    • Ensure all college planning is responsive to the college vision, values, mission goals, community, and student demographics.
    • Ensure that all planning processes involve appropriate segments of the college community.
    • Maintain updated Strategic Plan on public folders.
    • Recommendations Forwarded to College Council and Academic Senate as appropriate​

2011-20​12 Membership






Chris Ratto

Business /Workforce: RJ Ruppenthal

Octavio Cruz

VP: Keith Aytch


Counseling: vacant

vacant 3

VP: Irma Archuleta


Language Arts: vacant

Curriculum Chair: Eric Narveson


Library/LR: Lorena Mata

MSE: Guillermo Castilla

Nursing: Felicia Mesa

SSHAPE: vacant

At large: vacant



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