EVC Logo and Style Guide

EVC Logo and Style Guide

Our logo is an impactful representation of Evergreen Valley College.  To ensure consistent usage campus wide and to the public, please use the EVC logo in accordance with these standards. 

Master Brand Logo Downloads


Stacked Logo Signature
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Stacked Logo White
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Stacked Logo Green
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Stacked Logo Inverted
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Stacked Logo Black
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Straight Signature
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Straight Logo White
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Straight Logo Green
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Straight Logo Inverted
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Straight Logo Black
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EVC Style Guide (PDF)

EVC Color Palette

​Main Green
​Neon Green
Main Green
PMS 7731C
C 85 M 24 Y 93 K 9
R 29 G 134 B 73
HTML CODE: 1d8649

Neon Green
PMS 360C
C 61 M 0 Y 96 K 0
R 106 G 191 B 75

PMS 417C
C 59 M 49 Y 58 K 23
R 101 G 102 B 93
HTML CODE: 65665d

PMS 1375C
C 0 M 45 Y 96 K 0
R 255 G 158 B 24
HTML CODE: ff9e18

​Light Green
​Light Grey
PMS 7545C
C 78 M 60 Y 44 K 25
R 65 G 83 B 100
HTML CODE: 415364
Light Green
PMS 5565C
C 54 M 27 Y 44 K 2
R 125 G 156 B 145
HTML CODE: 7d9c91
PMS 7540C
C 69 M 59 Y 52 K 33
R 74 G 79 B 84
HTML CODE: 4a4f54
Light Grey
C 14 M 11 Y 12 K 0
R 217 G 216 B 214
HTML CODE: d9d8d6

Approved Font

  • Calibri

Logo Usage and Guidelines

  • Do not alter the logo in any way
  • Logos should only be used in the colors provided
  • Do not add to or reposition any elements of the logo
  • Always use PNGs (transparent image files)

EVC Electronic Letterhead

Click here to request the letterhead template

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