Student Learning Outcomes

student learning outcomes​

Student Learning Outcomes, often called SLOs, define the skills of a person whom our society considers educated. SLOs are clearly written statements about what students should know and be able to do; they state the intended results of educational activities.

Accreditation mandates that every California community college develop SLOs and ways to assess their attainment. The Academic Senates at Evergreen Valley College and San Jose City College define the General Education SLOs, skills expected of our graduates. On the course level, faculties define discipline-specific SLOs during the routine process of updating course outlines.

Linked to this ​page are frequently asked questions about SLOs (FAQs), SLO examples from District faculty (Faculty Toolkit), other institutions (SLO Institutions), and other organizations and individuals (FACCC, Higher Education and Evaluation Research Group, and materials from a workshop by Bill Scroggins), as well as general information (How to add GE outcomes, GE SLO Faculty Worksheet, List of General Ed Areas and General Ed Philosophy).

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