Assessment Center

Assessment Center​

​​​Notice:  The Assessment Center and Evergreen Valley College will be closed Friday Feb 17 and Mon Feb 20 to celebrate our Presidents.

Assessment Test services are available as one method of placing students into English and math classes.  Some students may not have to take an assessment test.  For example, students are exempt from placement testing and assessment if they have earned an Associate or Bachelor's degree from a U.S. college or university or have completed college course work in English and Math at another college (transcript required).  The Assessment test is not a pass-fail test and does not exclude you from admission to Evergreen Valley College. It is a test to determine the appropriate course level for you.


Assessment Center Information

Applicant Ba​​sic Skills Assessment (English skills and math skills)


There are two types of language assessment tests: 

  • The "English As A First Language" (EFL) test is the best English skills assessment for persons who speak English only or for persons who speak English and another language(s) and consider their skill in English to be stronger than their skill in the other language(s). 
    English Flow Chart​
  • The "English As A Second Language" (ESL) test is the best English skills assessment for persons who speak English and another language(s), and consider their skill in the other language(s) to be stronger than their skill in English.​
    ESL Flow Chart

Mathematics assessment tests are offered to determine math skills on levels ranging from basic mathematics to beginning calculus.
Math Flow Chart

The EFL, English as a First Language assessment consists and multiple choice reading test and a multiple choice writing test. 

The ESL test consists of a listening test and a reading tests on the computer and writing a  20 minute essay.


Assessment Test Schedule

Procedure to sign-up to take a assessment test​:

    • Students must complete the online application for admission and obtain an Evergreen Valley College student identification number, which will be received after the application has been processed. If the number is not received in three days, please call the Admissions and Records office at (408)270-6441 for help in obtaining the number         

Assessment Schedule For 2017  Subject to Change


We will begin assessing student for the Summer 2017 and Fall 2017 semesters in March.  The schedule will be posted here as soon as it is ready. 

Please check back to this web page for the information.

The steps are:


2) click on "Future Students"

3) click on "Assessment Center"

4) scroll down to find the schdule

5) call 408-274-7900 extension: 6636 to make an assessment test appointment.

Thank you!




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The Assessment Center is located in the Admissions and Records Building.

​(408) 274-7900, ext. 6636​


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The Assessment Center will be closed on Fri. Feb 17 and Mon Feb 20 to celebrate Presidents

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