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W​e understand that paying for college can be a challenge.  It is important for you to know that there are many resources available to help you and your family cover the cost of your college education.  The dedicated staff in the Financial Aid Office are here to help you learn about the resources and to help you apply for financial aid.

Types of Financial Aid Available at EVC

Board of Governors Fee Waiver

California residents may apply for the California Community Colleges Board of Governors Fee Waiver, which waives the $46 per unit enrollment fee.

Federal Pell Grant

The Federal Pell Grant is the largest grant program in the country.  It is the foundation for an award package.  Pell Grants provide financial assistance to eligible part-time and full-time students, and are calculated based on enrollment status and Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  The maximum award amount for the 2014-2015 school year is $5730. 

A Federal Pell Grant does not have to be repaid (in most cases).  Federal Pell Grants are awarded only to undergraduate students who have not earned a bachelor's or a professional degree.


The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant is a limited grant for Pell-eligible students with the lowest EFCs who meet the priority deadlines and are enrolled in at least six units.

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study Program provides jobs for students who demonstrate financial need and are enrolled in at least six units.  Eligible students apply for work study positions either on or off campus.  For more information go to the Federal Work Study page here.

Cal Grant B & C

Cal Grant B provides a living allowance and tuition and fee assistance for low-income students. Awards for most first-year students are limited to an allowance for books and living expenses.  For Cal Grant B, your coursework must be for at least one academic year.

There are two types of Cal Grant B awards: Entitlement and Competitive. There is also a Cal Grant B award for students transferring from a California Community College to a four-year college.

​​Cal Grant B Entitlement Award

  • Students who meet all the Cal Grant eligibility requirements, and have at least a 2.0 GPA and apply by March 2 of the year they graduate from high school or the following year are guaranteed a Cal Grant B.

  • The Cal Grant B Entitlement award provides up to $1,551 for books and living expenses for students in their first year of college.

  • For the second and subsequent years, the award also provides for tuition and fees at the California State University and the University of California, as well as tuition support at participating independent colleges and universities and career colleges.

Cal Grant B Competitive Awards

  • Students who are not eligible for a Cal Grant B Entitlement award may compete for a Cal Grant B Competitive award.

  • Cal Grant Competitive awards are the same as a Cal Grant Entitlement awards, except that they are not guaranteed.

  • Each year, 22,500 Cal Grant Completive awards are available. Of these, 11,250 are for students who do not qualify for a Cal Grant Entitlement award, but who otherwise meet the Cal Grant requirements and apply by March 2.

  • The remaining 11,250 awards are set aside for eligible California Community College students who meet the September 2 deadline.

Cal Grant C Awards

  • Assists with tuition and training costs for occupational, technical, and vocational programs.
  • The award includes up to $576 for books, tools and equipment — and up to $2,592 more for tuition and fees if you’ll be attending a school other than a California Community College (community colleges don’t charge tuition and your fees will be waived as a Cal Grant recipient).
  • Funding is available for up to two years, depending on the length of the program.
  • To qualify, you must enroll in a occupational, technical, or vocational program that is at least four months long at a California Community College, an independent college, or a vocational/career school. Even though a GPA is not required to apply for a Cal Grant C, you are still encouraged to submit yours because it can only help your chances of receiving an award.

Federal Direct Student Loans

Federal Direct Student Loans are low-interest loans for students to help pay for the cost of college education.  The lender is the U.S. Department of Education.  For more information please go to the Student Loan page here.

CA Dream Act

The California Dream Act allows students who meet AB 540 criteria to apply for and receive state-funded financial aid such as the Board of Governors Fee Waiver, Cal Grant and Chafee Grant and EOPS assistance. 

California Chafee Grant

If you are or were in foster care and have financial need, you may qualify for up to $5000 a ear for career and technical training or college.  you don't have to pay this money back.  You may also be able to use your grant to help pay for child care, transportaton and rent while you're in chsool.  You can your Chafee Grant at any eligbile California college or universityor caree or technical school, as well as schools in other states.

How To Apply

Step 1:

Apply online at  The FAFSA includes:

Board of Governors Fee Waiver

Pell Grant & FSEOG*

Work Study*

Direct Loans*

Cal Grant *​

CA Dream Act applicants must complete the CA Dream Act Application.  The CA Dream Act Application includes:

Board of Governors Fee Waiver

Cal Grant*


*Additional forms are required for this type of financial aid.

Step 2:

You will recieve an email from FSA (Federal Student Aid) to confirm that your FAFSA was submitted and processed.​

FSA sends your FAFSA to EVC electronically 7-10 business days after your FAFSA is processed.

Step 3:

EVC will receives applications once per week.  When your application is received you will be awaded a fee waiver, if you are eligible.

Step 4:

You will receive a Financial Aid Status email from the EVC Financial Aid Office.  This email will tell you what additional requirements you need to complete.

Step 5:

Complete the additional requirements indicated in your Financial Aid Status email.

Step 6:

If you are registered for classes and your are eligible for financial aid, you will receive information from Higher One regarding how you want your financial aid disbursed.


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