Applications & Forms

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Financial Aid Applications


FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Video on the Financial Aid Process



California Dream Act Application​​​

Video on the CA Dream Act process​


2016-17 Board of Governors Fee Waiver Applica​tion (English)

2016-17 Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application (Spanish)​

2017-18-Board of Governors Fee Waiver Application (English) 

​2017-2018 FORMS

​​​​17-18 Verification​ Worksheet V1 

17-18 V4 Form

17-18 V4 Form- Unable to Appear at EVC in ​​​Person

17-18 Academic History Form

17-18 Lifetime Pell Eligibility Acknowledgement

17-18 Request for Review of Unusual Circumstances

17-18 Dependency Override Packet

17-18 Direct Loan Application

2016-2017 Forms

​Dependent St​​udent Forms

16-17 Dependent Verification Worksheet (V1/V5) 

16-17 Dependent Custom Verification Worksheet (V4) 

16-17 Dependent HH Resources Verification Worksheet (V6) 

Independent Student Forms

16-17 Independent Verification Worksheet (V1/V5) 

16-17 Independent Custom Verification Worksheet (V4)

16-17 Independent HH Resources Verification Worksheet (V6) 

General Forms

16-17 Academic History Form

16-17 Request for Review of Unusual Circumstances​​​

16-17 Lifetime Pell Eligibility Acknowledgement

16-17 Dependency Override

16-17 Statement of Educational Purpose Form

16-17 Statement of Educational Purpose - Unable to Appear in Person

16-17 Direct Loan Application


 Please refer to your Financial Aid Status email for the additional required forms.

You may submit your forms in-person, by email, by fax, by postal service or the Financial Aid dropbox.

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