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​​​​​Welcome to Student Success Division at Evergreen Valley College!

Our mission is to empower and support all EVC students to accomplish their educational, career and personal goals by offering orientation, assessment, counseling, transfer, work experience and student follow-up services based on our college guiding principles of equity, opportunity and social justice.

We invite you to navigate our website to learn about our comprehensive and accessible support programs and services. In addition we would like to extend an invitation to visit the Center for Student Success or connect with us via email or phone.

Center for Student Success at EVC

The main objective of the Student Success Act of 2012 is to assist students in planning and achieving their academic and career goals. In accordance with this act, students are required to complete mandatory orientation, assessment, counseling (educational plan) and the process ends when students achieve their educational goals.

At EVC the Center for Student Success includes all core services that enhance students' opportunities to succeed in their academic plans. We have set up an accessible and comprehensive process to help you succeed.

The College responsibilities are to provide:

  • Orientation in person or online

  • Assessment before course registration

  • Counseling- Educational Plan (Ed Plan) and other education planning services

  • Referrals to specialized support services

  • Evaluation of each student's progress and referral to appropriate interventions

The student's responsibilities are to:

  • Identify an academic and career goal upon application

  • Attend an orientation

  • Complete placement testing

  • Declare a specific course of study during their first semester or before 15 units are completed

  • Meet with a Counselor to develop an Educational Plan (Ed Plan)

  • Complete courses and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the educational goal and course of
study identified in the Ed Plan

  • Attend class and complete assigned coursework

Exemption Criteria

A student may be exempted from the Student Success Act responsibilities including orientation, assessment and counseling based on one or more of the following: 

  1. Completion of an associate degree or higher from a regionally accredited college

  2. Enrollment in coursework to advance in current job, or to pursue personal enrichment, or to maintain a certificate/license, and is enrolled in fewer than 5 units

  3. Completion of the assessment/orientation components at another college, with placement scores on file at EVC

* Exemptions must be approved by the dean of Student Success and dean of Enrollment after student meets with a counselor ​and provides official transcripts. For more information please contact the Center for Student Success at Call: 408-270-​6475, ​​ Email:​, Location​: SC-250​.

Dean Alexandra Duran

Alexandra Duran
Dean, Student Success


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