Becoming a successful student

​By doing this orientation and learning about Evergreen Valley College and what we have to offer, you are already well on your way to becoming a successful student. 

Here are other characteristics of a successful student. A successful student:

  • is aware of their learning style and study behaviors and will utilize this knowledge when learning in and out of the classroom. You can learn more by enrolling in one of the many Guidance courses offered each semester.

  • knows where to go to find out information about support services. Check out this site to learn more about the special programs Evergreen Valley College has to offer.           Link to Special Academic Programs

  • utilizes support services when necessary.

  • develops good study and time management skills. Check out Guidance 095 – College Success for a great course that will teach you effective learning techniques, memorization skills, concentration skills, and stress management skills.

  • sees a counselor during the first semester at Evergreen Valley College to talk about their educational goals. Visit the counseling office or website for specific hours and appointment information.          Link to Counseling

  • works with a counselor to develop an Educational Plan. An Educational Plan is a two year plan that will outline the courses you need to complete to reach your educational goals.

  • always registers for classes as soon as possible

  • is committed to doing his or her best in each course.


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