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The Transfer Center is the place to go if you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university. The Transfer Center is located on the first floor of the Dr. Mauro Chavez Student Services Building. The center provides a variety of college catalogs, numerous computers for you to do some of your own research into various college and universities, and friendly staff to help guide you through the transfer process. Additionally, representatives from four-year colleges visit Evergreen Valley College to meet with students one-on-one to discuss transfer goals.

Evergreen Valley College has Transfer Admission Agreements and Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAAs and TAGs) with the following colleges and universities:   

  • CSU East Bay

  • CSU Monterey Bay

  • UC Davis

  • UC Irvine

  • UC Riverside

  • UC Santa Barbara

  • UC Merced

  • UC San Diego

  • UC Santa Cruz

  • Golden Gate University

  • Hawaii Pacific University

  • Menlo College

  • National Hispanic University

  • Notre Dame de Namur

  • Santa Clara University

  • St. Mary’s College

  • University of San Francisco

A TAA/TAG is basically a contract between you, Evergreen Valley College, and the specific University. You may apply for a TAA once you’ve completed 30 transferable units. To be eligible you must have achieved a certain grade point average (depending on which university and major), plan on completing courses listed on the contract, and maintain an identified level of academic performance. If accepted by the University, you must complete the stated requirements, in order to be guaranteed admission for the identified term.
Visit the Transfer Center website for more information

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  • Evergreen Valley College officers Certificates of Achievement, Associate Degrees, and Transfer opportunities.
  • A Certificate of Achievement is designed to offer you an opportunity to develop skills in a specific technical and/or vocational field. Most certificates can be completed in one year.
  • The Associates Degree can be earned after you successfully complete an outlined program of study with a minimum of 60 semester units and a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, as well as meet the requirements for graduation.
  • Students often transfer to a CSU, UC, or Private College from Evergreen Valley College. Transfer Admission Agreements and Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAAs/TAGs) make the transfer process a smooth and easy transition.
  • A counselor can assist you in preparing an educational plan to transfer on to a university. It is also important to check out the transfer center for additional information about the transfer process.

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