Student Services and Programs

At Evergreen Valley College, we are committed to assisting you in reaching your academic and personal goals. We understand that it is challenging to balance your school and personal life, so we encourage you to learn about and use our services and programs.

The following are the services we provide to our students. Our goal is to introduce you to as many services as possible when you first start at EVC, so that you know where you can go for help. Please take time to find out more information about each of these services.

The following are important services that new students may need to learn more about to get started at EVC:

  • Admission and Records - to apply to the college, to get your student ID number, and to handle any residency issues.

  • Assessment Center - to determine English, ESL and Math course placement.

  • Counseling - after going through the online orientation, assessment and program planning, if you have further questions you can come see a counselor. You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment to see your counselor for a two-year Educational Plan once the semester has started.

  • Disabilities Support Program (DSP)- if you have a documented disability and are needing accommodations to get started.

  • Financial Aid - if you need money to go to school.

  • Special Programs - A variety of programs and services available to support the unique educational goals of a diverse student body.


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