​At Evergreen Valley College, we take great pride in our approach to education. We place our students’ realities first. For instance, will you need help with your language skills? Are you carrying other responsibilities like children or full-time jobs? Are you the first in your family to attend college? To all learners--those directly out of high school, in mid-career or mid-family transitions, and those who are enjoying your golden years--we offer a supportive environment that values your intrinsic experiences

General Campus Information:

  • College Catalog The Evergreen Valley College Catalog is the official document of the college and determines your catalog rights. Catalog rights refer to the requirements and procedures that are in effect when a student first registers for classes at EVC. The catalog rights will prevail until the student has completed his/her course of studies unless the student has had a break in attendance.

  • Class Schedule This publication is issued prior to each semester and lists course numbers, hours, locations, and registration facts. The schedules of classes contain details describing registrationprocedures, including the MyWeb and STAReg process.

  • Academic Calendar Evergreen Valley College is on a 16 week semester system. The academic calendar lists session start and end dates, last day to drop and receive a “W”, holidays, and additional important information for you to know.

  • Financial Aid Find out information on how to pay for your college education.

  • Student Fees and TuitionFind out how much it will cost for you to attend Evergreen Valley College, including health fees, parking fees, etc.

  • Map of the College Find your way around Evergreen with a map of building locations.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Administrator Directory This site will provide you with an alphabetical listing of the Faculty, Staff and Administration.



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