Zero-Textbook-Cost Courses

​​​​​​​​Zero-Textbook-Cost Courses​

In an effort to make textbooks more accessible to students and to reduce educational costs, Evergreen Valley College (EVC) offers zero-textbook-cost (ZTC) courses. A ZTC course constitutes one of the following: 
  • Zero Textbook Cost logoa course that does not require a textbook​
  • a course that lists its textbook as optional
  • a course that makes its textbook available to students free of charge, through lending services or electronic book (e-book) databases
  • a course that uses a free, open educational resource (OER) textbook
  • a course that makes all required readings available for free, via websites or online databases​.
​Students who take ZTC courses are not required to pay fees to access software platforms or homework sites. However, students may be asked to purchase lab materials and supplies.

EVC publishes its ZTC offerings in compliance with Senate Bill No. 1359​.​​​ Listed below are ZTC courses made possible through faculty adoptions of OER. Please note that these lists are evolving, and updated as ZTC courses are reported​


EVC Zero Textbook Cost Course List

Summer and Fall 2018

Summer 2018

Course Reg ID Section # Faculty Division
Astro 1093142202Batalha, CelsoMSE
Phys 002A93143201Batalha, CelsoMSE
Phys 002A93144202Batalha, CelsoMSE
PED 022A95083201Naderi, RahimSSHAPE
Hist 017A93175202Allen, DanielSSHAPE
​HIST 017A
​Allen, Daniel
Psych 00193255204Carothers, BradSSHAPE
Psych 00193245201Carothers, BradSSHAPE
Psych 09293256202Carothers, BradSSHAPE
​PSYCH 001
​Tarquinio, Ken
POLSC 0193239201 Fong, Paul SSHAPE


Fall 2018

Course Reg ID Section # Faculty Division
Astro 1093638207Batalha, CelsoMSE
Astro 10L93640202Batalha, CelsoMSE
Phys 004A93724201Batalha, CelsoMSE
Phys 004A93726202Batalha, CelsoMSE
​Phys 012​93650​201​Batalha, Celso​MSE
​BIOL 06593390201Moody, KarenMSE
Psych 00194145204Levy, LorraineSSHAPE
Psych 09294158202Levy, LorraineSSHAPE
ETH 04294068201Huynh, CindySSHAPE
ETH 04294069203Huynh, CindySSHAPE
ART 055A94007201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 055B94008201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 055C95227201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 055D95228201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 060A95229201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 060B95230201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 060C95232201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
ART 060D95233201Lazo, RachelSSHAPE
PED 022A94274201Naderi, RahimSSHAPE
PED 056A94279201Naderi, RahimSSHAPE
Phil 06094128203Wells, KelleySSHAPE
Phil 06094129204Wells, KelleySSHAPE
Psych 00194150209Carothers, BradSSHAPE
Psych 09294161205Carothers, BradSSHAPE
Psych10094165203Carothers, BradSSHAPE
HIST 01 94070201Graham, StevenSSHAPE
HIST 17A 94082203Graham, StevenSSHAPE
HIST 17A 94089210Allen, Daniel SSHAPE
​HIST 017A
​Allen, Daniel
​HIST 017B
​​Allen, Daniel
PSYCH 00194143202Tarquinio, KenSSHAPE
PSYCH 001 94144203Tarquinio, KenSSHAPE
​PSYCH 001
​Tarquinio, Ken
POLSC 0194135202 Fong, Paul SSHAPE
POLSC 0194136203 Fong, Paul SSHAPE
POLSC 01​94137204 Fong, Paul SSHAPE
COUNS 01494350205Iniguez, TinaCOUNS
COUNS 01494346201Garcia, LauraCOUNS


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