​​​​​​​Welcome to Admissions at Evergreen Valley College! 

EVC's priority registration for Winter Intersession and Spring 2022 is now LIVE. Priority registration provides you the chance to sign up for classes before other students.  Based on your group, you'll get assigned a specific day you can begin to register for classes through your MyWeb student account. Do you know when your priority registration date is? Take a look below.

Find your registration date and time:

11/8/21 – GROUP 1: Students in EOP&S, DSP, Veterans, CalWORKs, or Foster Youth

11/11/21 – GROUP 2: Students in EVC Promise, Honors, or continuing with less than 100 degree applicable units and HAVE MET the Student Success mandates (multiple measure placement + orientation + educational plan)

11/15/21 – GROUP 3: Students continuing with less than 100 degree applicable units and HAVE NOT MET the Student Success mandates (multiple measure placement + orientation + educational plan)

11/17/21 – GROUP 4: Students continuing with 100 or more degree applicable units including students on academic dismissal and/or probation II status

11/18/21 – GROUP 5: Students returning to college from Spring 2021

11/24/21 – GROUP 6: High school students continuing to take concurrent/dual enrollment classes

11/29/21 – GROUP 7: Students who are new, returning or transferring to EVC

12/08/21 – GROUP 8: High school students who are new or returning to take concurrent/dual enrollment classes

Another way to find your registration date is:

  • Log into  MyWeb
  • Navigate to the Student Menu.
  • Navigate to the Registration section (lower left), click on: My Registration Priority.
    • Find the upcoming term and note when your registration opportunity begins. Take advantage of it!

Once you know your priority registration date, you can connect with a counselor. They can help you figure out what classes to take for Intersession and Spring 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the EVC Admissions & Records Office:

  • Evergreen Valley College: (408) 270-6441 or evcar@evc.edu        


The Office of Admissions and Records provides services in-person Monday through Thursday and remotely on Friday. 

Services Both Online 
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Thank you for choosing us to help you achieve your goals. Attending EVC will change your life. It all starts with 8 easy steps. We'll be with you every step of the way. Start below with "Apply for Admission" then you're on your way.

Apply for Admission

Your first step to attending EVC is to apply for admission to the college. 

How to Apply:Apply Online here

Application for Admission(PDF)

​Financial Aid

What is Financial Aid?
Learn about grants and loans available to help you pay for your EVC education.​


An Orientation provides general information regarding EVC's services and programs.  Students are provided with an overview of transfer and degree requirements, vocational programs, and student services as well as academic expectations, facilities and resources available. You are required to complete the orientation either online or in person.

  • To complete the online orientation, you will need to activate your Canvas account before you begin the orientation. To activate your Canvas Account Click Here Once you have successfully activated your Canvas account, you can then access the Online Orientation by Clicking Here.

  • To schedule an In-person Orientation, please call (408) 274-7900 ext. 6636 or 6285.

Note: Please bring all transcripts and/or test scores with you to the In-person orientation.  In particular, we will need your high school transcripts if you are a recent high school graduate.

Assessment and Placement

Evergreen Valley College no longer uses placement tests as the primary method of assessing students' English and math skills. The California State Assembly Bill 705 mandates that all students who are seeking to complete a degree have the right to self-place into transfer level English and Math. In accordance with state law, EVC utilizes multiple measures (e.g. U.S. high school transcripts) for course recommendation.

Please visit the Assessment Center webpage, or call (408) 274-7900 ext. 6636 or 6285, for more information. 


Meet with an academic counselor to select your classes for the current semester and plan for future semesters.

Register for Classes

It's time to register for your classes! Click on the link below to begin the process!

Register for your classes

New Waitlist Rules effective Spring 2019 term

Buy Textbooks and Supplies

You can buy your textbooks at the EVC bookstore or online. Our bookstore staff is ready to help you find the right books and all the pens, pencils and scantron forms you need.

Attend Class

Ready, Set, Go! You've completed all the steps and now you're ready to launch your college career. Good luck! We're here if you have any questions.

What Is A 1098-T?

The 1098-T is a tuition statement provided to you by your school no later than January 31st which indicates the amount of tuition you paid or were billed during the calendar year.

Admissions and Records

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Dean, Enrollment Services

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Sr. Administrative Assistant
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