​​​​​​​​​​​​The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all instructional aspects of the College. Under the direction of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the office works directly with the academic divisions: Business and Workforce Development, Nursing and Allied Health, Math, Science, and Engineering, Language Arts, Library and Learning Resources, and Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, and Physical Education (SSHAPE). In addition, Evergreen Valley College models a holistic and integrated approach to providing maximum learning experiences for its students. In striving for this goal, Academic Divisions and Student Services Divisions work closely as one team.

Business & Workforce Development

(408) 270-6434

Distance Education

​​​(408) 274-7900 x6577​

Language Arts

(408) 223-6775

Math, Science & Engineering

(408) 270-6490

Non-Credit Education

​​(408) 270-6439​

Nursing & Allied Health 

(408) 270-6448

Social Science, Humanities, Arts & Physical Education

(408) 22​3-6792​

Contact Info:

Dr. Pouncil, VP Academic AffairsDr. Matais Pouncil
VP - Academic Affairs
Phone: (408) 270-6450​​
Monday–Friday, 8am – 5pm 
SC202, Student Services Center​

Rita DeLa Cerda,  Administrative Secretary  Rita DeLa Cerda

Administrative Secretary

Vicki Brewster, Curriculum Specialist

Vicki Brewster

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