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Accounting is the cornerstone of modern business and the foundation for every business career.  From bookkeepers to financial officers, to the highest level of corporate executives, people with accounting skills and knowledge are always in demand. 

You'll need top notch training and it begins at EVC where you'll learn the principles along with the latest tools and techniques, using cutting-edge technology to help build your own accounting foundation.  Whether you're looking to establish the basic fundamentals, or planning a lifetime career in finance and business, EVC offers a full suite of accounting courses that will help get you started.

​Check our course offerings and see how they fit with your goal, whether transferring to a four-year college, establishing a beginning background that will take you to work right away, or personal enrichment.     

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Dr. Maniphone Dickerson
Dean, Business and Workforce Dev​elopment​

Kim Steele
Interim Sr. Administrative Assistant
(408) 270-6434

Library Building, Room LE- 220​​​

Melody Barta
Full-time Faculty
(408) 531-6167
MS3 Building, SA-260

Robert Brown
Full-time Faculty
(408) 531-6166
MS3 Building, SA-256

Arthur College
Adjunct Faculty

Diane Soriano
Academic Counselor
(408) 531-6112

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, projected growth for accountants between 2012 and 2022 is 13.1% with an additional 166,700 accounting and auditing jobs needed to be filled during that time period. Accounting ranks as third highest on U.S. News and World Report's Money and Careers section, "Best Business Jobs" list. The median annual salary for an accountant was $63,550 in 2012, or $30.55 per hour. The best-paid 10 percent earned roughly $111,510, while the lowest-paid made approximately $39,930.​

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