It's the engine that drives our economy.  It's the reason we get up in the morning and why we go to work.  And a career in business can be among the most exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative choices you can make.  From small, independent business to major corporate and organizational management, the world of business provides endless opportunities.  The business leaders of tomorrow will be playing on a global field and will require a variety of skills and knowledge in both new and traditional core disciplines. 

From writing a formal business plan to advanced marketing techniques, to retail management, entrepreneurship skills, human resource and labor relations, and even business law, Evergreen Valley College offers a comprehensive assortment of courses to meet your career and professional requirements. The workforce needs trained managers and leaders, visionaries as well as administrators.  But before you can implement those dreams, you'll need to know the standards and operating dynamics of how business works, and that's where we come in.​​​​​​

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Dr. Maniphone Dickerson
Dean, Business and Workforce Dev​elopment​

Kim Steele
Sr. Administrative Assistant
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Library Building, Room LE- 220​​

Emon Graves
Full-time Faculty
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Natasha Lucio
Full-time Faculty

Charles Bohn
Adjunct Faculty

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