Business Information Systems (BIS)


Without a working proficiency in written English, keyboarding, Internet, and knowledge of Microsoft Office software the job opportunities in a modern office environment are severely limited.  Virtually everything related to the medical world also has its own language and standards further increasing the need for advanced training in this specialized area of business information skills.

​EVC offers a complete program in Business Information Systems, providing for two Associate degrees, one in General Business and the other as an Information Processing Specialist.  We also offer four separate certificate programs that include medical office front assistant.  In each category we provide the graduate with a comprehensive knowledge-base and working skills in the latest software, terminology, and related media tools. 

You'll learn not only word processing, data management, graphic presentation, scheduling, billing, coding, and a host of other hard skills, but also a complete range of interpersonal and communication skills related to the modern office or medical office environment.  This program in whole, or even in part, can be the critical foundation and springboard for a variety of office-based job opportunities.    ​


Dr. Maniphone Dickerson
Dean, Business and Workforce Dev​elopment​

Kim Steele
Sr. Administrative Assistant
(408) 270-6434

Library Building, Room LE- 220​​​

Shawnterry Cato
Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Maroudas
Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Siqueiros
Adjunct Faculty

Kevin Walters
Adjunct Faculty

Diane Soriano
Academic Counselor
(408) 531-6112

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